UK Link Platform Performance Update

Our Chief Customer Officer Andrew Szabo provides an update on the work we’re carrying out to improve the stability of UK Link.

Published on 20 Sep 2019

In July this year, we provided customers with an update on some emerging risks to the stability of our UK Link platform.

On Wednesday this week at the DSC Contract Management Committee, the Xoserve Executive Team provided a further update on this topic, including the mitigation work conducted to-date, as well as our plans for initiatives already in-progress and those on the horizon to further help reach an improved position of UK Link stability and reliability.

“Since the initial discussions in July, we have reviewed the issues that have impacted UK Link performance across the year and have investigated root cause analysis to allow us to get to the heart of the problems. Based on these findings we have begun initial improvement activities around various areas of the system to reduce the number of issues our customers encounter.”

“We have identified and prioritised a number on mitigations which can all be supported through existing funding and initiatives within this financial year.”

“We have identified two opportunities to accelerate the risk reduction work we are planning based upon additional or pull-forward investment funding, something for which our customers have requested firmer details upon via a proposal to be discussed at next month’s DSC Contract Management Committee.”

Please click here to view the material presented to the DSC Contract Management Committee.

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