28 June 2022

As part of the broader UK Link Investment Roadmap, the Xoserve Services Portal will be migrated to a new platform in September.

UK Link connects the complex information, technology and communications systems that underpin Britain’s gas market. The Xoserve Services Portal, used to access UK Link, is currently hosted on technology that is nearing ‘end of life’. We’re migrating to a more flexible, optimised and sustainable platform to ensure continued service to the UK gas sector.

By migrating the Xoserve Services Portal to the cloud, we’re delivering:

  • an improved user experience – we’re introducing new single sign-on functionality, available for both the new Gas Enquiry Service (GES) and the access to UK Link
  • increased system workload volumes – we’ll be able to manage more volumes of system workloads, applying an improved ‘look and feel’ to current functionality
  • enhanced security and compliance requirements – we’re continuing to ensure the Xoserve Services Portal remains secure

The portal migration activities will begin in July and end in September. We want to make sure you’re fully prepared and informed of what to expect.

We’ll provide regular updates at both Contract Management Committee (CoMC) and Change Management Committee (ChMC) and will keep this page updated with dates and related activity in the run up to the migration.


What you need to do to prepare

We will make every attempt to ensure there will be little disruption to users during and after migration. You will, however, need to check that your browser supports the new portal and reset your password before you can sign in to the new platform.

Check your browser compatibility

Click the link below to see if your current browser supports the new portal. If the message shows as ‘not supported’ please follow the link on the page for information on supported browsers and settings. You may need to speak to your IT department to upgrade your browser.

Check browser compatibility

Read our user guide

The user guide will walk you through the changes you’ll experience as the services within the Xoserve Services Portal transition to the cloud. There are key user experiences to note, including: 

  • Data Enquiry Service (DES) users, transitioning to Gas Enquiry Service (GES) on 18 July 2022
  • existing UK Link users, who don't access DES
  • Portal users who currently access both DES and UK Link services
  • user access guidance scenarios: 
    • user access for UK Link - for Local Security Officer (LSOs)
    • user access for GES - for Master Administration Users (MAUs) 

Read user guide (updated 28 June 2022)

Reset your password

One week before the go-live date, you’ll receive a system-generated email containing your new username (your email address), and a temporary password for your first login. Once migrated, you will log in using these credentials and be prompted to reset your password. Don’t worry if you’re unable to do this before the migration, as you can do so at any time.

The date your user account migrates will depend on the services you currently access, so ensure you read the user guide above. 

Manage the system outage

The Xoserve Services Portal will be unavailable to all users while the migration of DES users occurs over Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 July. 

For any organisations that operate and use DES or UK Link over the weekend, please ensure that you plan your operations accordingly. 

Complete our online training module

We’re preparing an easy-to-digest course which will walk you through the changes to your Xoserve Services Portal experience. It will also provide a summary of additional changes we’re working on, as we deliver new switching arrangements. We’ll send you this ahead of the migration date to allow you enough time to familiarise yourself with the new Xoserve Services Portal.


Get in touch

If you have process queries or technical issues while using the Xoserve Services Portal, please raise a support request.

If you have any questions about the information in this article please email CustomerExperience@xoserve.com.


More on the UK Link Investment Roadmap

You can find more information on this investment theme, along with the benefits these activities will deliver, in our 2022 Business Plan.


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