Xoserve.com Website Update

There are lots of great features with the new Xoserve.com that we’ve tailored to make your journey easier and more efficient.

Xoserve.com Website Update

Published on 05 Nov 2018


We frequently receive comments from our customers that their experience with our current website is poor and that they struggle to find what they need.

Since we started the project to redevelop xoserve.com, we’ve reflected back on this feedback and believe that we have designed a website that will no longer be “difficult to use” or “hard to find information”.

We’ve received feedback from our customers on the draft designs we shared in August and we’ve identified some of the key user journeys from our current analytics.

We’ve also been working with all areas of our business to shape a website that is more user-friendly.

A few key elements of our new website will include features such as:

  • A new look homepage – using bright colours from our colour palette and a more refined navigation
  • Fully functioning web search with specific options to find what you’re looking for quicker
  • New alerts bar for system outages and issues, colour coded dependent on the current alert status
  • A calendar of Xoserve events that will have supporting documents, e.g. schedules of the day, meeting minutes, linked resources
  • Library of resources containing valuable information about a range of topics including in-depth training materials

There are many more features that are currently in the design phase including a brand new change request page, a more accessible contact us section and the updated communications section of the site that will include the latest news, bulletins and a section for any communications that are sent to our customers. There are lots of great features that we’ve tailored to make your journey easier and more efficient.

If you’d like to see the new designs in more detail, please email the Communications Team, contactxoserve@xoserve.com.