You Said, We Did

Customer Training Spotlight

Published on 30 Jan 2020

Shining a spotlight on 
the improvements we're 
making to our Customer Training and Education.

In December we shared the first of our You Said, We Did articles, which details feedback we received from our customers and what we did in response.

Our second installment provides a spotlight on our Customer Training, and the improvements we make using both the feedback we receive from you, and the insight we’ve gathered from our work so far.

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You said

“The customer training day was really useful and I learnt a lot. It would be great if more was available online as I have had to travel a long way and my colleagues would also benefit if we could access the information online.”

“Good informative session, explaining the background of the gas industry, session could be made a little more interactive e.g. videos, maybe educational videos online for key stuff.”

“It would be beneficial to have more diagrams to explain process and less content. The slides and pack provided were very well done. The session was very informative, some things were confirmed and I’ve learnt a lot. Good mix of information and knowledge, fully engaged throughout the session."

“I thoroughly enjoyed the session and found the learning material very informative and helpful. I would suggest having more interactive sessions.”  

We did

While we are delighted with the positive feedback our training events receive, we want to increase the impact our materials and training have for our customers.

We have focussed heavily on both the quality and accessibility of our training materials. One of our aims has been to expand the ways that you access our materials, ensuring that you don’t miss key information if you are unable to attend a specific event.

We have adopted videos, infographics and e-learning platforms to make our material more engaging, providing a variety of methods to appeal to our customers’ various learning styles. We are also making these materials more accessible for you, by sharing them on our dedicated Training and Education webpage. On there, you can find our new range of documents, all intended to help our customers understand the gas industry, it’s key processes, and Xoserve’s role within it.

History of Gas video

The gas industry can seem quite complicated. Our new History of Gas video walks you through the formation of the gas industry and the major parties involved in supplying gas across the network.

Network Overview video

Our Network Overview details the gas industry’s distribution network, a nationwide network of high-pressure pipes that provide a channel for gas to be moved across the country directly to our homes and properties.

Supply Point Types simplified infographic

Gas is used differently across the country. A domestic consumer’s needs will be significantly different to that of a manufacturing business that uses gas in their processes.

Our Supply Point Types infographic breaks down how we categorise and manage the various types of gas users, ensuring we can tailor our services and their meter reads to what best suits their level of usage.

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Industry Stakeholder infographic

Many parties are involved in supplying gas to supply points. Our new Stakeholder Infographic introduces you to each participant, and provides a helpful description of the role they play in the coordinated effort to deliver gas to the industry’s supply points.

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Introductory Gas Industry Process booklet

Many processes exist within the gas industry to ensure the right amount of gas gets to where it needs to be. Our Introductory Gas Industry Process booklet focusses on five key processes, all essential for operating the gas market:

- Supply Point Administration
- Asset updates (RGMA)
- Entering a meter read
- Invoicing
- AQ consumption

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What's coming up

Feedback from our customers shows that there is a clear desire for us to expand the topics that we cover in our training material, allowing us to cover more areas of the gas market that are essential for our customers to know.

Continuing in our efforts to develop engaging material by adopting accessible and interactive platforms, we are exploring ways to harness eLearning platforms to cover Annual Quantity (AQ) and Supply Point Administration (SPA). If you would like to know more about our plans for future training material, or if you want to let us know what topics you’d like to cover in future, please email

Non-Standard Sites Training Day

Targeted towards our customers that are responsible for, or have an interest in Non-Standard Sites, our training days include training on key processes, timescales and validations associated with Non-Standard Sites.

90% of attendees told us their knowledge of Non-Standard Sites increased directly because of the session.

Our next training day on 7th February is fast approaching, if you are interested in attending please email

Here’s what you’ve told us:

“Really clear and informative, SMEs on site is very helpful, practical completion of the form is very useful, very impressed overall, facilities were great, great welcome and very friendly.” 

Customer Induction Days

We hosted four Customer Induction Days last year, where 63% of attendees told us their knowledge of the gas industry improved as a result of the event. Our induction days are aimed at new industry participants, or those that would like a refresher on key aspects of the gas industry. Our next Customer Induction Day is Thursday 19th March.

Here’s what you’ve told us:

“Great presentation, really informative, will recommend to colleagues, good work!” 

“Good overview into various topics that Xoserve covers. Really easy to understand and it was pitched at the right level. Presenter was great and extremely knowledgeable.”

Customer Expert Days

Through our Customer Expert Days, we provide a question and answer session between your customer experts and ours. Our sessions cover a range of industry topics, and 60% of attendees told us their knowledge and understanding improved after the session. We’re hosting our next Customer Expert Day on Thursday 30th April – if there’s a specific topic you would like us to cover during the session, we’d love to hear from you.

Here’s what you’ve told us:

“The training day that I attended was really useful. I came back to the office and changed the way we were working. It helped with my understanding of things.”

Invoicing Discovery Days

Our Invoicing Discovery Days provide a high-level introduction to invoicing principles, followed by a session where you can work directly with our Customer Process Experts.

Over half of those who attended told us their knowledge of invoicing had improved after the session.

Here’s what you’ve told us:

“Appreciated going through the information at a more granular level, a lot of information was provided. Slides were well detailed and task built in were good as it got the table interacting.”