Consumer Switching

Accurately recording consumer switching data ensures they happen smoothly.

Part of our role in managing gas registration data for the gas industry, is to record the updated information when consumers switch supplier.

Consumer Switching Reports

As part of our role as Central Data Service Provider (CDSP), we record when domestic customers switch their gas supplier (transfer supply points). The accurate recording of this data ensures that switches happen smoothly.

We also produce the Monthly Consumer Switching Report for Britain's gas industry.

It is produced by analysing our supply point data for the calendar month. The monthly report shows:

  • The number of consumer switches for the previous month
  • The average number of days for a consumer switch to be completed

Consumer Switching in November 2019

Switches: 863,757
Average time taken: 14 days

Previous 12 Months' Switching Figures
October 2019 481,290 17 days
September 2019 486,049 17 days
August 2019 561,026 18 days
July 2019 446,646 17 days
June 2019 339,357 17 days
May 2019 385,981 17 days
April 2019 535,674 17 days
March 2019 495,064 17 days
February 2019 421,569 16 days
January 2019 572,038 14 days
December 2018 816,985 15 days
November 2018 570,513 17 days
October 2018 477, 702 18 days
September 2018 429, 214 18 Days 
August 2018 392, 909 18 Days
July 2018 363,283 18 Days
June 2018 385,028 19 Days


Historical Switching Figures

We have collated consumer switching data dating back to 2014. This information has now been archived. If you are interested in viewing these figures, please contact your Customer Advocate.

Understanding Consumer Switching for Gas

Around five million gas supply point transfers are made in Britain each year.

The data we collect and analyse helps make these moves possible. When a domestic customer changes their gas supplier we register the connection.

The data we collect and report on includes the details for:

  • Meter Asset
  • Providers
  • Shippers or Suppliers

Any changes to the data as a result of a switch are updated. This ensures that key processes continue to operate without disruption, such as:

  • Energy balancing
  • Settlement
  • Invoicing

Looking to Switch Gas Supply?

If you are a consumer looking to switch gas supplier, you can get advice on how to switch from Ofgem, the energy regulator.

Find My Supplier

If you are having a problem switching gas supplier, please contact your existing supplier.

You can find out who your gas supplier is by:

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