Class 3

This page contains the Class 3 Issue Register and provides background information on Class 3

Class 3 issue update

What's the Issue?

An industry change to the way Unidentified Gas (UiG) is shared out comes into effect from 1st October 2019.  This has lead to an increase in the number of supply meter points switching to the ‘Class 3’ settlement product.  Class 3 came into effect upon Nexus go-live, but has only moderately been used by shippers until recently.  There is therefore a need to ensure that both Xoserve IT and industry processes are appropriately ready for a larger scale migration between settlement classes.   

What is Xoserve doing about the issues?

Working with industry partners, Xoserve is helping to identify ways in which a significant migration to (and utilisation of) Class 3 can best be supported.  UNC Modification 0700 has been raised, with the associated XRN4991 now being processed through the change lifecycle.

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