The vital services delivering the key processes for the gas market of Britain.

Supply Point Administration

We manage the data for all gas supply points in Britain through our Supply Point Administration (SPA) role, ensuring it is up to date and reliable.

The essential processes relying on this data include:

  • Data Centre services
  • Query Management
  • Billing processes
  • Reads and Connections
  • Registrations

The successful delivery of SPA services is critical to our role as the Central Data Service Provider (CDSP) for the gas industry.

Registration Services

Our SPA responsibilities involve storing and maintaining the industry-wide site register for all supply points connected to the pipelines of the large gas distribution companies:

This means that we are responsible for the correct data when a domestic customer switches gas supplier.

When you have queries about the registration process or need access to specific data, you can contact our Customer Data Services Team by email.

Whenever a consumer switches supplier, we:

  • Register the connection
  • Record the shipper or supplier details
  • Hold the meter asset and provider details

View the latest Consumer Switching data

Supply Point Data Services

As well as managing the transfer of gas data for the British market, we also hold the gas supply point data used for:

  • Estimation and forecasting
  • Calculating volumes and charges

Our Contact Management Service (CMS) and Data Enquiry Service (DES) both help to quickly resolve Shipper and Network queries and maintain the quality of data held within our systems.

Transportation Billing Settlement

We are responsible for the calculation, validation and issuing of transportation and energy balancing invoices on behalf of the gas Distributors, ensuring that all gas Shippers and Traders are billed correctly.

The invoices, based on the volumes of gas consumed and the pipe capacity, are issued in line with our agreed billing schedule.

Energy Balancing

We also maintain the balance between gas use and supply. To do this effectively, we make forecasts by analysing factors such as:

  • The network volume
  • The capacity of pipes
  • Potential peaks and troughs in demand caused by the weather

Energy Balancing Settlement activities fall into three broad categories:


The management and delivery of IT systems which support gas balancing activities, including:

  • Demand Estimation and attribution
  • Gas allocations and nominations
  • Recording over-the-counter (OTC) and on-the-day Commodity Market (OCM) trades


The monthly billing of gas network users for Energy Balancing charges every year, covering:

  • Credit payments (Invoices paid to Shippers)
  • Debit payments (Invoice payments received from Shippers)

Credit and Risk Management

We are operationally responsible for the management of the commercial aspects of the Energy Balancing Regime.

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