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We hold training sessions
throughout the year
for all areas of the
gas industry,
induction days
to expert forums


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On this page you will find information about our customer training days as well as useful links to training resources.

Our training days

to gas

For new industry
participants and those
who would like
a refresher.

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An overview of the
various invoicing concepts
and principles within
Britain's gas market.

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An open forum
Q&A session on a
range of gas industry
and market topics.

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Training Catalogue

Our training catalogue provides information to help you locate and understand which training days and e-learning material will be beneficial for your training needs.



Induction to gas – training materials


About Xoserve

Find out more about our role at the heart of Great Britain's gas market.


How we are funded

An introduction to how we are funded and our Business Plan which outlines how we deliver day-to-day services as well as investment activities.

The History of Gas

The gas industry can seem quite complicated. Our new History of Gas video walks you through the formation of the gas industry and the major parties involved in supplying gas across the network.

The Gas Network

Our Network Overview details the gas industry’s distribution network, a nationwide network of high-pressure pipes that provide a channel for gas to be moved across the country directly to our homes and properties.

Market Entry

Find out more about how to become a registered Gas Trader or Shipper.

Industry Stakeholders

Many parties are involved in supplying gas to supply points. Our new Stakeholder Infographic introduces you to each participant and provides a helpful description of the role they play in the coordinated effort to deliver gas to the industry’s supply points.



Supply Point Types

Gas is used differently across the country. Our Supply Point Types infographic breaks down how we categorise and manage the various types of gas users, ensuring we can tailor our services and their meter reads to what best suits their level of usage.



An introduction to gas industry processes

Many processes exist within the gas industry to ensure the right amount of gas gets to where it needs to be. Our Introductory Gas Industry Process booklet focusses on five key processes, all essential for operating the gas market.



Xoserve Contact Services

Our Xoserve Contact Services infographic gives you an overview of the Contact Management Service (CMS), Data Enquiry Service (DES), our Business and the Xoserve Value Chain.




Invoicing discovery – training materials

Invoicing​ e-learning

Shipper Invoicing e-learning


Independent Gas Transporters Invoicing e-learning





Non-Standard Sites – training materials

Non-Standard Sites e-learning


Shipper Non-Standard Sites e-learning


Agents Non-Standard Sites e-learning


DNs & NG Non-Standard Sites​ e-learning




Expert day – training materials

Contact Management Service (CMS) Contact Codes and Theft of Gas (TOG)

Last updated on 21 Jan 2021


RGMA – training materials



Resources and materials

Our Resource Library provides training and self-education materials covering all processes and topics within the gas industry.

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Annual Quantity (AQ)

AQ e-learning




Class e-learning



Must Read e-learning

Must Read e-learning





Customer Expert Day Reads Pack

Last updated on 10 Dec 2019

Reads Questions and Answers

Last updated on 10 Dec 2019

Customer Expert Day Meter Reads

Last updated on 12 Apr 2019

Customer Expert Day Meter Read Rejections

Last updated on 12 Apr 2019



SPA e-learning



Unidentified Gas 

Unidentified Gas – Data Trees

Xoserve has mapped the key data items which have an impact on daily UIG calculations and which parties provide those data items into the calculation. The attached diagrams cover the stages of UIG Calculation from nomination through allocation to reconciliation.

Last updated on 24 Feb 2021

Unidentified Gas – Education Pack

The UIG Education Pack has been created to provide an overview and education into UIG. This includes: contributions and calculations, how UIG is shared out, invoicing, possible causes of UIG and reasons for its volatility. Signposting to further details are provided throughout the pack – with a summary of useful links in the appendix.

Last updated on 08 Feb 2021

UIG Executive Summary

The executive summary has been created to provide a high-level introduction to the subject of Unidentified Gas (UIG). The document will provide information on: the changes applied through Project Nexus; the new treatment for reconciliation of energy and the impacts being experienced by customers.

Last updated on 08 Feb 2021

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