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CMS Rebuild Project Timeline
Pain Points and Requirements
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The CMS (Contact Management Service) needs replacing. You have told us that some of the processes simply don’t work or are inefficient. So rather than just replace, we want to rebuild, hence the initiation of the CMS Rebuild Project.

After holding 18 initial requirements gathering workshops in December and January and 11 ‘Ideal To-Be’ process workshops that ran from February to April we have completed the first phase.

Throughout this period over 500 requirements have been identified. This has helped us understand what does and doesn’t work for you and how the processes should operate.

We are now in the process of selecting a solution based on the requirements. Once a solution has been selected and timelines have been agreed we will require further input from you during the design phase.

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CMS Rebuild Project Timeline


*An updated plan will be published post 16th June 2021. 

Pain Points and Requirements

These are the High Level Requirements documented during the Capture Stage and will be taken forward into Detailed Design where they can be explored in more detail, so they may change during the next stage.

CMS Rebuild - All Pain Points & Requirements

A consolidated spreadsheet of the CMS Rebuild Requirements Gathering outputs

Last updated on 09 Jun 2021

Ideal 'To-Be' Process Flow Diagrams

The ideal 'To-Be' process flows for all processes can be found below. For each process there are two process flows; one with the requirements mapped for traceability and one without for you to make your own commentary on if required.

For all process XC refers to Cross Communication, DC refers to Data Clarification and PSC is a Previously Submitted Contact.

Miro Board Content

This section will contain all the information captured on the Miro Boards.

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