Gemini System Enhancements (GSE)

What is GSE?

The Gemini IT system underpins the commercial gas transmission regime and accounts for all capacity and energy transactions. Gemini System Enhancements (GSE) is to adapt and improve Gemini based on the needs of a changing industry. GSE is also referred to as change XRN5122 and will deliver a number of system enhancements. These were originally requested by customers as part of a Feasibility and Analysis completed under CP4632. The project will be delivering over 65 Gemini enhancements. Details of the enhancements can be found in the March 2021 Change Pack (2788.4 – XRN5122).

Would your company like to be involved in User Trials?

Registration of interest will be between Wednesday 10th March 2021 and the extended date of Friday 9th April 2021 and will be communicated via the following channels:

  • Presented at Change Managers meeting on 10th March 2021
  • Email invitation issued via Xoserve held distribution list

If you would like to take part please email us here.

What will you need to do?

Interested parties will asked to confirm the enhancements they wish to test (please see list in change pack), the BA code to be used for testing and the number of testers who will be participating. Please note you will need to confirm connectivity test prior to the start of the User Trials.

What will happen?

  • There will be briefing sessions, and those that register for participating in the trials will be sent an invitation to attend. These are proposed to take place between 3rd May 2021 and 28th May 2021. The schedule for these sessions will be compiled following completion of the registration process.
  • A full-scale Gemini environment will be available for User Trials
  • Shipper accounts will be created in the Market Trials environment, and log in details provided. This is why we need to set a cut-off date to register for the Trials.
  • Xoserve will propose test scenarios to be tested to ensure the data conditions can be achieved.
  • Details will be provided of any configuration activities required to establish connection ahead of the connectivity testing starting.
  • Connectivity testing is being proposed between 17th May 2021 and 21st May 2021, to ensure all parties who have registered can connect to the User Trials environment. To be able to proceed to User Trials connectivity testing will need to have been completed and confirmed.
  • User Trials execution will take place between 1st June 2021 and 25th June 2021.
  • Testing throughout the User Trials period will take place in real time and it is essential that all parties adhere to the test schedule shared by Xoserve.

Further information, or want to express interest?

If you would like further information or would like to express an interest, please email here.

Thank you for your feedback