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Documents from us

Documents available in the Resources area of the website include user guides for the Contact Management System (CMS), the Data Enquiry Service (DES) and Gemini, a Glossary of UK Link Terms and process information.

CMS Network Guide CMS Quick Reference CMS Screens
CMS MRA User Guide CMS System File Download CMS UIP Guide
CMS IE11 File Upload SPA Overview SPA Transfer Process
SPA Update Portal Access Control Security CMS DTL Process and Guidance
NTS Optional Rate RGMA / AQ Overview AQ Process
AQ Correction Presentation Read to Reconciliation Process Billing and Invoicing
Class Change Overview DES Overview DES Service User Guide
Non-Standard Sites Process Glossary of Terms Gemini Exit API Guidelines
Billing Calendar    

You can also find these documents, and all of our documents, in the Resources area of the site. 

Contact Management Service USRV

The User Suppressed Reconciliation Value (USRV) process has now finished. All associated documents have been archived. Please contact your Customer Advocate if you need to access any USRV documents.

Documents from the Joint Office website

The documents previously available from the Joint Office of Gas Transporters website can no longer be linked to. If you are interested in consulting these documents, please contact your Customer Advocate.

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Unidentified Gas Settlement Current Arrangements (External) Unidentified Gas in Settlement (External)
DES Portal Overview (External) Network Portal Screens Walkthrough (External)

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