Welcome to Xoserve - At the heart of the GB Gas Industry
At the heart of the UK Gas Industry

Welcome to Xoserve

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  • Who or what is Xoserve?

    Xoserve is the Central Data Service Provider for Britain’s gas market.  In this role we provide a comprehensive range of critically important services to gas suppliers, shippers and transporters. This enables the reliable, efficient operation of Britain’s competitive retail gas market to serve all customers large and small.

    What do we do?

    Britain’s gas customers are able to choose to buy their gas from a range of gas supply companies.  Although there are multiple gas suppliers, the gas that they are buying and selling is transported around the country using a single integrated network of pipes, which is owned by several different gas transportation companies.

    To support customer choice in the competitive retail gas market, all premises with a gas supply must be logged on a central register; this supports information flows to gas suppliers ‘gaining’ and ‘losing’ customers when they change or ‘switch’ supplier.

    Additionally, the gas transportation companies rely on the central register, combined with information about gas flows across the entire gas transportation network, to know which companies (the gas ‘shippers’) are responsible for gas entering and leaving the network; this enables the network to remain ‘in balance’ (between supply and demand), supports the safe operation of the network and informs the accurate charging of suppliers for their usage of the network.

    In order to support these arrangements, which underpin Britain’s competitive retail gas market, the central register and other databases hold a wealth of data, e.g. supply addresses, expected and actual energy consumption, supplier identity and gas flow information.  This data is used to provide information to suppliers when customers switch and to allocate network usage charges to shippers.

    The central register and related information flows require major integrated computer systems and highly skilled and knowledgeable people to support the reliable, efficient delivery of these critical services.  These services are provided by the ‘Central Data Service Provider’, a key role for GB plc which is provided by Xoserve.

    What next?

    As the Central Data Service Provider for gas, Xoserve has a vast depth and breadth of experience and knowledge relating to delivering critically important central services at the heart of complex multi-company arrangements.

    We play a proactive, positive and broad role in the UK energy scene, whereby our expert and experienced staff are frequently called upon to provide trusted advice to our industry colleagues, including market participants, the energy regulator and government.

    A multi-million pound investment in our IT systems will go live this summer, providing the most comprehensive and up to date platform for the provision of data related services in the entire UK energy business.  Combined with recent changes to our governance arrangements, we will be able to play an ever-increasing role in the energy sector, to the benefit of Britain’s energy consumers.

    How big?

    As the Central Data Service Provider:

    Xoserve holds:

    All [23] million gas premises on a central register

    For each premises, the address, meter details, supplier identity, meter asset data, meter reading history and many other items

    Xoserve processes:

    Some 3 million customer switches each year

    More than 1 million changes of gas meter details (expected to grow significantly with the rollout of ‘smart’ metering)

    Circa £4 billion worth of invoices for gas transportation


Sharing Knowledge

Sharing Knowledge

We understand the importance and value of engaging with the industry and our Customer Teams established over a number of years ensure that we maintain close contact with our customers.

In addition to regular operational meetings and industry forums, we advise and support the industry on major issues such as Project Nexus to agree medium to long term requirements. Read more >

enabling change

Enabling Change

The nature of our services demands that we have robust and responsive IT systems. We are constantly reviewing our IT estate and planning our Change Programme to ensure we retain our reputation for quality, security and reliability.

We work closely with the industry to develop and deliver requirements for the future whilst sustaining the delivery of existing services and facilitating the introduction of new ones. Read more >

delivering Services

Delivering Services

Xoserve delivers a range of services to the gas industry as set out in the Data Services Contract (DSC) and the UK Link User Agreement (UUA). These services include managing, on average 4 million customer gas supplier switches and handling around a million data enquiries. It’s our responsibility to ensure that all users of the Gas Transporter networks are billed accurately. We invoice almost £4bn per annum on behalf of the Gas Transporters. Read more >


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