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Who we are


As the Gas Transporters’ Agent we enable the competitive market and provide centralised information and data services for gas transporters and shippers in Great Britain.

We work hard to develop solutions to the challenges that will be faced by the gas sector over the coming years. Key to our success is the considerable expertise of our staff – many of whom have worked in the industry for many years.

Delivering services


Xoserve delivers a range of services to the gas industry as set out in the Agency Services Agreement.

These services include managing, on average 4 million customer gas supplier switches and handling around a million data enquires. It’s our responsibility to ensure that all users of the Gas Transporter networks are billed accurately. We invoice almost £4bn per annum on behalf of the Gas Transporters. 

Enabling change


The nature of our services demands that we have robust and responsive IT systems. We are constantly reviewing our IT estate and planning our Change Programme to ensure we retain our reputation for quality, security and reliability.

We work closely with the industry to develop and deliver requirements for the future whilst making sure we sustain the delivery of existing services and to facilitate introduction of new ones.

Sharing knowledge


We understand the importance and value of engaging with the industry and our Customer Teams established over a number of years ensure that we maintain close contact with our customers.

In addition to regular operational meetings and industry forums, we advise and support the industry on major issues such as Project Nexus to agree medium to long term requirements.


Xoserve news

EIC Code Information
From Monday 7th September 2015, Xoserve’s Customer Life Cycle team will become the Local Issuing Office for gas Energy Identification Codes (EIC) to market participants.  An EIC is a unique code that facilitates cross-border exchanges and identifies different market participants and other entities active within the Internal Energy Market (IEM). This was introduced on a…
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UK Link Programme Structure Review
Following the recommendation from the Project Nexus Implementation Steering Group (PNISG) for implementation of Nexus requirements in October 2016, Xoserve has been reviewing its plans and priorities to ensure they align with the new industry timeline. To this end, we are undertaking a review of our UK Link Programme to ensure we have the necessary…
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New UK Link Programme Market Trials Working Group Established
With a new Go-Live date for the UK Link Programme recommended by the Project Nexus Industry Steering Group (PNISG), work is underway to prepare the industry for the recommencement of Market Trials to ensure all industry partners are ready for the new systems. Level 1 Market Trials has already been successfully completed. Level 2 file…
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DESC Approves NDM Parameters for Gas Year 2015
Xoserve is pleased to announce that the UNC Demand Estimation Sub-Committee (DESC) has approved the proposed Non-Daily Metered (NDM) parameters for Gas Year 2015, which will be effective from 1st October. Each year Xoserve prepares draft Annual Load Factors (ALPs), Daily Adjustment Factors (DAFs) and Peak Load Factors on behalf of DESC.  ALPs and DAFs are…
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