UK Link Releases

UK Link Releases

UK Link Releases was previously known as UK Link Programme.

At a high level, our approach to UK Link Releases approach is to deliver multiple Major Releases of functionality a year, alongside a stream of minor enhancements.

The End User Categories 2019 Release.

End User Categories

Minor Release deliveries were introduced in early 2018 and are currently ongoing.

Minor Releases

November 2019 Release.

November 2019

Feburary 2020 Release

February 2020

June 2020 Release

June 2020

November 2020 Release

November 2020

June 2021 Release

June 2021

November 2021 Release

November 2021 



Future UK Link Releases

There will be three major UK Link Releases every year. Major Releases take place in:

  • February to March
  • June to July
  • November to December

The first three releases were named: Release 1; Release 2 and Release 3. From the fourth release, the naming convention was changed. To make things easier and more meaningful, release names will now reflect the month and year of the scheduled implementation.

The next release is Minor Release Drop 9 2019 Release. Information on this Release can be found here.

November 2019 Release

The November 2019 Release was successfully implemented on Friday 8th November 2019.

As new releases come online, relevant details and links will be added here.

Implemented UK Link Releases

UK Link has been helping power the gas industry in Britain for over 20 years. First implemented in 1996, the system evolves as demand and processes dictate, with the suite providing a platform for on-going changes in the gas industry.

During UK Link Programme Implementation, a number of the proposed changes were deferred until future releases.

UK Link Release 2

Release 2 contained changes from the main implementation and Release 1.1, which focused on changes delivered by the end of 2017.

UK Link Release 3

Release 3 was implemented in two tracks:

  • Release 3 Track 1 was implemented in November 2018
    • This covered 13 changes
  • Release 3 Track 2 was implemented on 2nd February 2019
    • One change was linked to the split between National Grid and Cadent
    • Full details of the Release 3 changes can be downloaded from the Joint Office website

February 2019 Release

The changes within the February 2019 Release were implemented in early March 2019.

June 2019 Release

The June 2019 Release was implemented on Friday 28th June 2019.

UK Link Go Live and Release 1

The need to update and replace key elements of UK Link was identified in the mid-2010s, with requirements defined through Project Nexus and the UNC Modification process.

Archived Documentation

All documents relating to UK Link implementation, Release 1 and Release 1.1 have now been archived. Please get in touch with your Customer Advocate if the document you want is unavailable.

Programme Background

We deliver managed change to ensure our systems:

  • deliver customer requirements
  • respond effectively to industry needs
  • maintain infrastructure integrity and stability

The UK Link Programme and now UK Link Releases represent one of the largest of these changes.

Extensive industry discussions agreed the original requirements before the launch of the Programme. The Business Requirement Documents can be viewed on the Joint Office of Gas Transporters website.


The changes and upgrades represented one of the most significant changes to the gas industry with existing processes amended, new processes introduced and a raft of other enhancements, including functionality for:

  • receiving and storing greater volumes of meter readings
  • greater flexibility for system enhancements and reporting
  • using smart meter information to help consumers switch

The newly launched UK Link system also saw the entry route changed, with all Users accessing the system through the Xoserve Services Portal.


The new system went live in June 2017, using a SAP solution.

The programme was led by us with the help and support of numerous business partners, including:

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