Accreditations and Memberships

ISO 27001:2013 – Information Technology

Xoserve manages its information security in line with ISO 27001:2013 standards for the following:

  • Providing information security for transportation transactions for all the major gas networks. This applies to operations, finance, human resources, business support and customers, as well as our legal and assurance activities.
  • Xoserve aims to protect itself, its assets and shareholders, as well as confidently demonstrating that we keep our information secure.
  • Xoserve fosters a culture of security and we are consistent in our delivery of our service or product. We manage and minimise all exposure to information risk.

ISO 9001:2015 – Quality Management

Xoserve has held ISO 9001 certification since 2005. It is committed to meeting all requirements of ISO 9001:2015 through the implementation and maintenance of a successful management system designed to meet business, customer and regulatory requirements.

Xoserve aims to deliver quality services by seeking to continually improve levels of performance and customer satisfaction. Through the effective management of its processes, it is continually developing the skills of its people and listening to customer feedback.

The Institute of Customer Service (ICS)

Xoserve is a member of The Institute of Customer Service (ICS)*, an independent professional membership body that helps organisations improve their customers’ experiences.

As members, we have access to research and insights, as well as training, qualifications and accreditation programmes. There are also networking events where we share ‘best practice’ and learn how we can improve.

Our membership also allows us to take part in the External Business Benchmarking Survey and internal company-wide Servcheck surveys.

CICMQ Accreditation

Xoserve has achieved the CICMQ accreditation for the quality of our credit management. This has been recognised by the wider credit industry and championed by the Chartered Institute of Credit Management (CICM)*.

This accreditation allows us to further improve the skills, knowledge and expertise of our Credit Team. It also lets us maintain our profile and align our training programmes with that of the CICM and our key stakeholders.

We particularly focus on strategy, performance objectives and future plans for the organisation, as well as how often we review our credit policy. We also look at how we handle our current controls, internal communications, query handling, training and customer engagement.

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