Funding, Governance and Ownership

Xoserve is led by a board of Industry-nominated directors, with an independent Chair.

Our Funding, Governance and Ownership

We are funded, governed and owned by the gas industry, with our board made up of industry-nominated directors and chaired by an independent Chairman.

As the Central Data Service Provider (CDSP) for the gas industry, we have a Data Services Contract (DSC) with our customers who are licensed gas Shippers and Gas Transporters (GTs).

We also have a UK Link User Agreement (UUA) with customers including gas traders and meter service providers who need access to the UK Link service.

New shipper and transporter clients need to sign the DSC, while other companies including licensed gas shippers and traders are expected to sign the UUA.


The Xoserve board is chaired by Clare Spottiswoode.

Our Board members are:

  • Sarah Carroll, Network Director
  • Tina Sands , Network Director
  • Ian Radley, Transmission Director
  • Neil Shaw, Independent Gas Transporter Director
  • Colin Rees, Shipper Director
  • Mike Hogg, Shipper Director
  • Yehuda Cohen, Shipper Director
  • Duncan Sedgwick, Shipper Director

All signatories to the DSC share the decision-making for services provided under it. Decisions are made by three committees:

  • Contract Management Committee
  • Change Management Committee
  • Credit Management Committee

Committee meetings are chaired, organised and administered by the Joint Office of Gas Transporters. The Joint Office oversees the process for the appointment of voting representatives.


Xoserve invoices and collects funds from DSC and UUA customers in line with rules set out in the:

  • CDSP Budget
  • Charging Methodology
  • CDSP Credit Policy

CDSP Service Charges for 2019/20 reflect the Budget approved by the Xoserve Board in January 2019.

We are funded to carry out our service delivery activities and Change Programme by all DSC signatories.

How we are funded

An introduction to how we are funded and our Business Plan which outlines how we deliver day-to-day services as well as investment activities.

Ownership and Accountability

Xoserve is jointly owned by National Grid gas transmission business and Britain’s four major gas distribution network companies:

We are accountable to and consult with all DSC and UUA signatories. We also consult all customers during the development of our annual Business Plan and Budget, before making a recommendation to our board for approval.

Key DSC and UUA Documents

Data Services Contract

DSC Invoicing and Schedule Update

Last updated on 22 May 2017

DSC Information for IGTs

Last updated on 28 Feb 2019

DSC Terms and Conditions

Last updated on 01 Apr 2017

CDSP Service Description

Last updated on 01 Apr 2017

Budget and Charging Methodology

Last updated on 01 Apr 2017

Credit Policy

Last updated on 01 Apr 2017

UK Link Manual

Last updated on 01 Apr 2017

UK Link Manual – UK Link Terms and Conditions

Last updated on 01 Apr 2017

Change Management Procedures

Last updated on 01 Apr 2017

Contract Management Arrangements

Last updated on 01 Apr 2017

Third Party and Additional Services Policy

Last updated on 04 Jan 2017

Transitional Arrangements Document

Last updated on 04 Jan 2017

UK Link User Agreement

Last updated on 01 Apr 2017

DSC Credit Rules

Last updated on 21 Jan 2019

Service Description Table

Last updated on 24 Oct 2019

Additional Documents

Letter from Ofgem Confirming Implementation of FGO

Last updated on 05 Jun 2017

CDSP Annual Charging Statement 2019/20

Last updated on 28 Feb 2019

CDSP Annual Charging Statement 2020/21

Last updated on 31 Jan 2020

Specific Services Request Form

Last updated on 17 Oct 2017

IX Specific Service Request Form

Last updated on 27 Dec 2018

Optional Services Request Form

Last updated on 17 Oct 2017

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