Our Vision and Strategy

We put our customers first.

Our strategy

We believe that we have a responsibility to do all we can to not burden energy consumers with additional costs, but to allow them to realise fully the benefits of the significant investment in industry assets that they have funded previously.

We have created the Xoserve Strategy House to bring together our Vision and Strategic Objectives.

The Strategy House is supported by a foundation and pillars, which represent individual Strategic Objectives. Everything we do as an organisation is connected to the pillars, which in turn support the delivery of our Vision.

Our Strategic Objectives

Customer Centric

Our ambition: Our customers trust us completely because we understand their businesses and can effectively anticipate their needs.

We think outside-in, seeking first to understand our customers and then to be understood. We have empathy for our customers’ diverse businesses and we proactively go the extra mile.

We listen carefully to feedback in order to provide better and more efficient services, and we seek to build advocacy through every interaction.

Data Driven

Our ambition: We provide a platform and data foundation for innovation which unlocks incremental value for our customers and end consumers.

We protect the integrity and security of our customers’ data at all times and we are clear on the value of our custodianship of industry data. We use data to create insight, to drive operational excellence and to support decision making.

We make data available to provide valuable management information to our customers, in order to help them manage their businesses.

Change Leading

Our ambition: We are the first choice to deliver change because we provide delivery certainty in an increasingly complex and fast-paced market.

We bring requirements to life, creating options and working with customers to understand the cost/benefit analysis. We help customers to understand the risk of any change and to develop strategies to mitigate risks.

We consistently deliver robust customer solutions that are on time and provide excellent value for money. We set a high bar for support documentation and training material. We produce great management information, clearly communicating a single version of the truth.

Operationally Excellent

Our ambition: We are the service provider of choice for our customers for delivery of processes which connect the energy market.

We maintain reliable, high-quality data management services and systems. We always deliver against contractual obligations and key performance indicators.

We continuously improve our systems, processes and data, using the latest automation and lean techniques to drive efficiencies. We protect our customers’ data and our ability to operate, by focusing on security, assurance and risk management.

People Powered

Our ambition: We deliver an exceptional experience for our people so we can deliver an exceptional experience for our customers.

We are committed to building better people, who are motivating to work with and for. We invest in developing our people to become more effective through carefully selected training programs.

We share a common understanding of what good looks like and we operate in an agile way, with greater engagement which reaches into all levels our business.

Responsible Business

Our ambition: Our customers are confident that we enable them to grasp new opportunities because we are exemplars in managing and controlling risk, whilst being commercially and financially astute and operating in a socially responsible way.

We behave commercially and where appropriate, ensure best value for money. We embrace truly independent assurance of our work and we build supplier partnerships that add value sustainably over time.

We are passionate about ensuring the safety of our employees at all times. We take our social responsibility seriously and support our people in engaging with and contributing to the local community.

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