XRN 4670 - Reject a replacement read, where the read provided is identical to that already held in UK Link for the same read date


Shippers are currently submitting replacement readings, with a read and Through The Zeros (TTZ) count which is identical to the previously submitted actual read recorded in UK Link for the same read date.
Current validation and business processes do not consider this scenario. As a result, this is leading to an increase in the number of exceptions received and manual intervention taken to resolve due to the system creating a zero billable consumption. At present, this is not expected and therefore will generate a MN09 exception to be looked at.
The current processing of the exception requires a manual consumption adjustment to be completed by the Business Operations Team for an adjustment to be released and the read to be re-processed.


Proposer Xoserve Implementation date 28 Jun 2019 Latest update 17 Jan 2019
Contact information uklink@xoserve.com Release Type. Major

Impacted Parties

- Shipper

Change In Delivery

Parent XRN4732 - June 2019 Release


XRN4670 Design Change Pack

Last updated on 23 Nov 2018


Last updated on 08 Apr 2020

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XRN4670 CP

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