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API Services - Data Refresh Issue - Services Restored

We have identified an issue with the refresh of data that feeds our API Services
This means that some search and query results will return a null response.

The following services are impacted: Supply Point Switching API, Supply Point Enquiry API, Meter Asset Enquiry API, Supply Point Quantities API, COVID AQ API and the Find My Supplier website. 

Our support teams are working on the issue and will look to restore full service as soon as possible.

UPDATE 17/01/22, 16:00
The support team have identified the problem and begun to refresh all missing data. It is expected to have completed, and full service to have restored, by 8pm

UPDATE 17/01/22, 20:00
The work to restore the API services has been completed.

If you require any further information about the issue, please contact the Issue Management Team

JavaScript vulnerability issue

A global vulnerability (affecting all industries) has been found in a common JavaScript library that allows an attacker to gain remote access to a server(s).

Our priority is to ensure our services continue to be protected via our monitoring and detection process, which includes blocking suspicious IP addresses/potential threats.

We’ve initiated an impact assessment of our end to end estate. We’re working with our partners and vendors to understand what impact replacing/upgrading the Log4J file will have.

This will enable us to produce a plan to take appropriate action in a controlled way.

If you have any queries, please email the Issue Management Team at

Supplier and Shipper failure – our response to recent gas market events

You'll find helpful information for Suppliers, Shippers and consumers on our Supplier and Shipper failure webpage.

Supplier – failed Shipper replacement form

If you’re a Supplier wanting to replace a failed Shipper, then you’ll need to complete the Supplier – failed Shipper replacement form to start the process.

COVID-19 Information

View our latest COVID-19 updates and find out more about how we remain committed to supporting our customers through the pandemic.

Our Incident Management Team (IMT) meet twice a week to ensure ongoing monitoring of the situation, and we provide customer updates every two weeks.

UIG allocation issues

There are currently no known UIG allocation issues. Any issues within D+5 Closeout will be communicated here.


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