Commercial Sales

Reports, IX services, test and trialling support and more. Tailored to your Business.

Commercial Sales - adding value

Commercial Sales are available for all customers from our Customer Contracts team, whether you are signed to the Data Services Contract (DSC), sign the UK Link User Agreement (UUA) or are not a signatory to either. Customers can also request an entirely bespoke service to fit your requirements perfectly.

Services can be requested as a one-off or scheduled on a regular basis. They include:

  • Bespoke Reports
  • Gas API Services
  • Test and Trialling Support
  • Training Workshops

Information Exchange (IX) Services can also be requested by customers not signed to the DSC or UUA. The range of available services is also being updated all the time – allowing us to offer you more bespoke options and meet the ever-changing demands of the GB gas market.

To request a service tailored to you, email the Customer Contracts team with the details.

Each service request will be individually assessed and we always try to carry out requests from our customers where we can, and in line with industry rules and regulations.

If you have a question or query, our Commercial Sales FAQs may be able to help.

Additional and Third Party services

Commercial Sales are also known as Additional Services and Third Party Services. They are provided to our customers under the terms of the DSC but are provided under a separate commercial arrangement. This means they are also charged-for separately.

Every one of our Commercial Sales services is:

  • quoted on a no-obligation basis
  • priced individually
  • supported from enquiry to delivery by the team

Please complete the Additional Services Request form and return it by email or contact us for more details.

CDSP Third Party Services Annual Charging Statement 21/22

CDSP Third Party Services Annual Charging Statement 20/21

IX services

The Information Exchange (IX) Network is the communications system for Great Britain's gas industry. It is essential to market success, allowing our customers to work with each other.

If you do not already receive IX Services (under the DSC or UUA) or would like to know more, please get in touch with the team.

Bespoke reports

Bespoke reports are developed to order. They are built to individual specifications and can be provided:

  • as a one-off request
  • monthly
  • quarterly

Contact the team to see how we can help.

Training workshops

Our Education and Training Team holds Gas Industry training sessions throughout the year, on a number of industry topics. Also covering our systems and services, workshops range from Induction Days for new customers to Question and Answer forums on specific subjects with our own experts.

Topics covered in previous workshops have included:

  • Annual Quantity (AQ)
  • Meter Reads
  • Unidentified Gas (UIG)

Training can also be tailored for your business, on market matters or any industry topics.

Contact the team for more information.

Testing and trialling support

With our knowledge and experience, we can provide effective help and guidance as your business rolls out gas market projects. For example, we can support you through:

  • software testing
  • implementation of new systems
  • delivery of new processes

Email the team for more details.

Gas API services

To help improve gas supply switching rates, make the transfer experience better for consumers and drive market efficiency for our customers, we use Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

For more information and to take part, visit our Gas API services page.  

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