Industry reference values


On this page you will find:

  • all allowable industry values, including the Market Participant identity list
  • the List of all IX nodes
  • the List of Organisations on UK Link systems


Market Participant identity list

The Market Domain Data (MDD) Market Participant identity list (previously managed by SPAA), defines and controls the Market Participant identity (i.e. the Short Codes) used to denote an organisation participating in the gas industry. The list is used to identify such Market Participants in industry messages, including those processed by the Central Switching Service (CSS).

Download the latest MDD

Market Participant Sub-Group

Our Market Participant Sub-Group plays a central role in managing the Market Participant process. The Sub-Group also reviews and approves any Market Participant Change Proposals.

Click here to visit the online calendar to see when the next Market participant Sub-Group meeting takes place.

As per the agreement that we would have a period of dual publication of the Market Participant identities, the previous SPAA version of the Market Participant MDD list can be found here.

Market Participant process

From the 1st March 2020, Xoserve – as the Central Data Services Provider (CDSP) – became the administrator of the end to end Market Participant process.

> End to end change management process flow 

> Market Participant Identity Verification approach document defining the guidelines the CDSP follows when administering the process

> Market Participant Change Process Form

> Change Cycle Calendar - 2022

List of IX nodes

This list of IX site nodes is a simple way for you to check the location you are sending to is valid before transferring IX files.


Please note

  • The information in the list is not confirmation about the correct way to transfer your Business-to-Business (B2B) Flow
  • The lists is not a complete list of nodes available in the IX
  • It only shows nodes that match the correct short codes in our system

When using UK Link to transfer B2B files, both parties need to agree the correct method of information transfer before transfers begin. Agreement is needed to ensure correct solutions are used.

List of UK Link organisations

This is a list of all the organisations on the UK Link systems.


List of meter models

The list of meter models and converters shows every valid meter attribute combination within UK Link.


Who to contact

Please submit all queries or issues relating to the process to the Xoserve Customer Life Cycle team at

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