Amendment Invoice (AMS) Issues

What's the Issue?

A number of functional defects and integration issues are causing problems with presentation and charge calculation with the Amendment (AMS) Invoice.

This is causing presentation issues where data is missing or incorrect within the .ASP and .AML supporting files. It is also causing incorrect charge calculations, which are excluded from the invoice until a fix is deployed.

What is Xoserve doing about the issues?

Xoserve has set up a task force of business process and technical experts to work on fixing the issues.

1. Business as Usual (BAU) 

  • Maintaining the quality of the invoice, and improving the workaround process for issuing .AML and .ASP files

2. Technical Design Review and Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

  • Detailed technical review to identify any process improvements, and to understand the root cause of any defects

3. Customer Engagement and Support

  • Providing regular bi-weekly updates to Customers
  • Engaging with individual Customers to understand the impact of each issue on each organisation, and working together to find ways of providing additional support

Defect Management

These files provide details of defects that have impacted the AMS invoice.

The Defect and Scenario Glossary also contains a list of defects and an overview of the impact that each defect might have on the business process.



Defect Resolution Plan

 14th October 2019


If you have any questions or queries you wish to raise, please contact Deborah Coyle, Customer Liaison Manager, on 0121 623 2532.

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