Annual Quantity (AQ)

This page contains the Annual Quantity (AQ) Issue Register and provides background information on AQ.

Annual Quantity (AQ) Issue Register - 2nd June 2020

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(AQ) Issue Register


What's the Issue?

A number of functional defects within the system are causing incorrect Annual Quantity (AQ) values being calculated, these can result in overstated or understated AQs. The AQ calculation process is correct; the issues lie with the data used to calculate the AQ.

What is Xoserve doing about the issues?

Xoserve has a dedicated team of business process and technical experts to facilitate and fix the issues.

  1. Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
  • Ongoing work from technical experts to understand the root cause of any raised defects
  1. Customer Engagement and Support
  • Provide regular weekly updates to Customers
  • Attend Data Services Contract (DSC) meetings to provide an update on the issues and resolution
  • Engage with customers, providing portfolio data which relate to each issue

Defect Management

The spreadsheet above provides details for all outstanding and closed defects in relation to AQ Issues. It outlines an overview on the impact that each defect might have on the business process, as well as any planned fix dates.

If you have any questions or queries you wish to raise, please contact the Issue Resolution Team,

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