M Number Creation

An MPRN can only be created for a live supply meter point where there is no live UK Link record.

M Numbers - new connections

Where any new connection has been made and the MPRN is known from the tag on the service, the Utility Infrastructure Provider (UIP) should raise a Found Meter (FOM) Contact via the Contact Management System (CMS).

The M number (or meter number) creation process is not for new connections.

M Number Creation process

Please follow the M Number User Guide for Shippers when submitting M Number Creation contacts.

The guide contains extensive information on:

  • the creation process
  • relevant files
  • rejections

The guide also has handy hints and tips.

If you require further information please contact Customer Data Services:

M Number Creation request

Shippers should only request an MPRN to be created for a Live Supply Meter Point (SMP) where there is no live record in the UK Link system. The SMP may or may not have a Meter Asset attached.

To create an M Number for a live supply point, please complete the Shipper M Number Creation Excel template.

Please send the completed form by email to the team.

M Numbers

The Meter Number or M Number is a common term/abbreviation for Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN) within the gas industry. It is the six to 10 digit number which appears on every gas bill in Britain.

If you are a domestic consumer and need to know your M number, you can:

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