Specific Services

Defined in the DSC, Specific Services are the essential services for the GB gas industry.

Specific Services under the DSC

Our Specific Services are defined in the Data Services Contract (DSC) and are essential services to Great Britain's Gas Industry. They are funded by the Gas Transporters and by Users as required. The services are available to Users signing the DSC or UK Link User Agreement (UUA).

Specific Services include:

A full list of services provided under the DSC is available in the Annual Charging Statement. This is released by 31st January each year, ahead of the start of the new financial year, and is issued to each DSC customer.

Annual Charging Statement 2019/20

Annual Charging Statement 2020/21

Accessing Specific Services

Specific Service Charges can be found in Appendix B of the Annual Charging Statement.

Service request forms

When you are ready to request any Specific Services, please submit a Service Request Form:

Service request change forms

A change to Code Services, whether it is the introduction of a new service or an amendment of an existing one, can be made.

The Uniform Network Code (UNC) modification process on the Joint Office website provides guidance.

These forms can be used to:

  • propose changes to the conditions of a relevant service
  • propose changes to the service schedules of the relevant service
  • propose amendments to the current services
  • propose new services to the schedule

If you have any questions about requesting a service or require any help, please submit an enquiry via Help and Support

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