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Making switching simpler for all 

The upcoming changes to the Central Switching Service (CSS) are set to make switching easier for consumers. Our SwitchStream adapter will make these changes simpler for you.


SwitchStream's test environment is now live

You will be able to process and upload CSS compliant files, with other elements to follow – helping to validate that you’re on track to deliver your CSS obligations.

To get access to the test environment please contact Andy Baugh or Rob Westwood.

SwitchStream will be


We have three options depending on the level of change you want to make


SwitchStream will transfer the correct information in the required format, with minimal effort required from you.


We’ll give you all the benefits of simpler switching, completely free.

SwitchStream options

We have three different options to choose from.


Designed around using existing
file formats, technology, and
business processes.

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Ideal for those wanting to 
adopt new file message
formats and business processes, 
whilst using existing technology.

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Aimed at those who would like
to adopt new file message
formats and business
processes whilst using
existing technology.

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The benefits of using the adapter

Whichever option you choose, the SwitchStream adapter offers the freedom to connect your CSS interface via Xoserve’s IX (Information Exchange) network or via the Internet.

SwitchStream will manage:

User interface features will include*:

✓ Connecting to CSS on your behalf

✓ CSS mandated security

✓ Certificate management – digitally signing and storing certificates

✓ Message retries – so you won’t need to handle the retry logic from downstream connectivity issues and/or rate-limiting

✓ Request batching – option to batch requests​

✓ Track switching requests

✓ Drill-downs into specific events

✓ Alerting and push notifications for key events

✓ Daily, weekly and monthly stats

✓ Theme, patterns and insights display (e.g. failure reasons/switching volumes)​

✓ Service status and availability

*included but not limited to

Want to know more?

SwitchStream product update

Further information about the development of SwitchStream services and
high-level delivery plan.


March 2020 update

Our latest position on the programme as at March 2020.


Would you like to receive detailed documents (including business rules, processes maps, file formats, routes, code of connections and validation rules)?

Please register your interest and one of our team will be in touch.

Exploring the options available

SwitchStream’s options give you the flexibility to decide on the level of changes you want to make.

Option 1

Designed around using existing file formats, technology and business processes to fulfill CSS switching obligations whilst helping you avoid costly system changes.

This option allows you to continue to use the current legacy switching files for both gas and electricity meter points, and will remove the effort in connecting with CSS by translating legacy switching files into new CSS messages and responses.

Changes you'll need to make

  • You will need to develop processes to handle new files to support One Fail All Fail (OFAF) and erroneous transfer resolution  
  • Development to capture new CSS data items as per CSS Switching requirements 


Option 2

Ideal for those wanting to adopt new file message formats and business processes whilst using existing technology.

SwitchStream takes your files and translates them into the new CSS messages which you then need to submit to SwitchStream via an IX network, SwitchStream then sends to CSS on your behalf.

The API messages generated by CSS are received and converted by the SwitchStream adapter to your new file formats with all relevant data items.

Changes you'll need to make

  • Changes to your systems and processes to submit messages that meet the new CSS data and structure requirements
  • Build new CSS files in your preferred format and issue CSS files for SwitchStream processing
  • Process CSS response files via SwitchStream service
  • Shippers will still need to undertake consequential process changes to support new switching arrangements

API Option 3

Option 3

Aimed at those who would like to adopt the new API messaging technology introduced by the CSS programme.

This SwitchStream option will provide consistency across all flows (CSS and Xoserve) as well as supporting potential future changes for API messaging (beyond switching) across the industry.

Changes you'll need to make

  • Build new API messages in JSON format and call SwitchStream for processing 
  • Transform your business processes to accept API responses from SwitchStream
  • Shippers will still need to undertake consequential process changes to support new switching arrangements


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