Data Enquiry Service (DES)

Used to view and query Supply Meter Point data within your portfolio.


DES User Guide

DES Access Controls

Using DES

The DES is used to examine a range of data relating to Supply Meter Points. It allows Authorised Users to:

  • access details about Supply Meter Points within their portfolio
  • view details of particular Supply Meter Points associated with their properties

The DES is a general service available to:

  • Shippers
  • Suppliers
  • Network Operators
  • Meter Asset Managers (MAMs)

Data held within the DES is updated every day. The target for data from UK Link is that it is no older than 24 hours. If the data refresh has been delayed, a message will be visible upon logging into the service.

Charging for the DES

The DES is a chargeable service.

You can view a full list of services provided by us under the Data Services Contract (DSC), and itemised details of our charges for other services, in the Annual Charging Statement. Details of the charges for DES are provided in Appendix B.

Annual Charging Statement 2019/20
Annual Charging Statement 2020/21

Charging for the service is completed on an annual basis.

Logging into the DES

The DES is available through the Xoserve Services Portal.

Only Authorised Users can use the DES, with access managed by your Local Security Officer (LSO).

Your LSO is responsible for:

  • all account creations and deletions
  • changing account permissions
  • password resets where a user is unable to reset their own password

If you are unsure who your LSO is, please contact us via Help and support

DES from your LSO

Your LSO should also be able to help you with training on the DES and raising enquiries.

If your LSO is unable to train you, please contact your Customer Advocate who will be able to help.

DES Training and Understanding

Before using the DES for the first time, please familiarise yourself with the Terms of Use.

We have also created:

Both documents should be read before using the service for the first time. You may also find it useful to download both guides for future use.

Access Controls

Access Control is a self-service application. It allows Users and LSOs to manage access to DES and all of our online services:

All new Users will have Access Control as part of the account set-up process provided by User Administration Services. The options available will be dependent on your need and will be managed by the LSO of your organisation.

DES Maintenance

A maintenance window exists between 5:00am-7:00am hours every day. The service will be unavailable during these hours.

Please visit our System Outage page for more information on our maintenance windows.

Contact DES

To contact the DES team, please:

Contact Access Controls

To contact Access Controls, please:

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