UK Link Release – November 2021 Release


On this page you will find:

      • Information about the UK Link November 2021 release
      • A list of the changes due to be implemented within the release
      • Supporting documentation

November 2021 Release scope

The scope for November 2021 Release was approved at the Extraordinary DSC Change Management committee meeting on Monday 30th November 2020. The details of the meeting are available on the Joint Office website.


November 2021 Major Release Implementation

The November 2021 Release, XRN5289 is due to be implemented on 22nd and 23rd January 2021 and consists of 5 changes, XRN5142 will be implemented on the 5th November 2021 following a decision made by Change Management Committee on the 1st November 2021:

Change Implementation on the 5th November 2021:

XRN5289 November 2021 Release due to be implemented on 22nd and 23rd January 2022:

De-Scoped at DSC Change Management Committee on 13th January 2021

De-Scoped at DSC Change Management Committee on 12th May 2021 

The training awareness session for this major release is available and can be found here.

Release Documentation

This collated list of documentation will be updated as the November 2021 Release work continues.

November 2021 Release date change FAQs
November 2021 Release – Delivery Plan


November 2021 Release - Data Cleansing Approach


November 2021 - Release Circular 


November 2021 Release - Implementation Plan 


November 2021 Release - BER


November 2021 Release - EQR


Who to Contact

To contact the UK Link November 2021 Release Team please email

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Tara Ross – 0121 229 2705

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