Information Exchange (IX)

Necessary to use Gemini, Gemini Exit, Invoicing and Supply Point Administration and UK Link.

What is the IX?

Information Exchange (IX) is the communications system that lets Users work with each other. It is provided to all new Data Services Contract (DSC) and UK Link User Agreement (UUA) customers as part of the new customer User Administration Service it can also be obtained for other organisation types such as Meter Assist Managers and Daily Meter Service Providers.

Installation of IX is necessary to interact with:

  • Gemini
  • UNC Invoicing
  • Supply Point Administration

It is also optional for sending files to existing IX users via business to business transfers.

IX e-learning

If you are a new user of the IX or would like to know more about how to use the system, then please click here to access our online IX e-learning. This easy to follow step-by-step guide will cover off key parts of the system, including IX hardware setup, how to send and receive files as well as maintaining the directories.

UK Link Network

The IX network is also known as:

  • Information Exchange
  • Information Exchange Network
  • UK Link Network
  • IXN

Transferring Files with IX

The File Transfer User Guide as well as the e-learning gives you the overview on how to send and receive files from the CDSP and Business to Business.

There is currently no testing environment for the IX network, please click here to contact our customer Care Team for more information on how we can support your requirements.

Please do not submit test files without prior engagement.


Missing Files on IX

If you are unable to locate files that you have either sent through or expect to receive through the IX, then please refer to the Missing Customer Files FAQs which provides self service hints and tips that you can carry out to try and locate the files. If after carrying out these checks, you are still not able to locate the files, then please contact our Service Desk.

Page 6 in the Missing Customer Files FAQs contains a table which must be completed and included when logging a ticket.


Valid IX Locations

This list of IX site nodes, in a downloadable Excel spreadsheet, is a simple way for you to check the location you are sending to is valid before transferring IX files.

Please note: The information in the list:

  • is not confirmation about the correct way to transfer your Business-to-Business (B2B) Flow
  • only shows nodes that match the correct short codes currently in our system 

When using UK Link to transfer B2B files, both parties need to agree the correct method of information transfer before transfers begin. Agreement is needed to ensure correct solutions are used

Outages Affecting IX

Please take a look at our System Outages information.

If you are planning an outage within your organisation that will affect the normal operation of the IX equipment installed at your data centre, it is important to let us know about this as soon as possible so that we can:

  • Inform our technical support partners and Service Desk
  • Review how this will affect your service
  • Arrange the appropriate support
  • Reduce the volume of tickets raised
  • Issue any business critical files requiring your immediate attention
  • Arrange 3rd party support to have the server decrypted

Please contact the Service Desk with any outage information:

IX Hardware

Accessing the IX network requires the installation of hardware. What hardware is installed depends upon what access is available to the engineers.

If you would like to know more about IX hardware and installation, please contact the Customer Life Cycle Team.


Faults and Issues with IX Equipment

If you have any faults or issues after the network has been installed, please get in touch via Help and support

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