Local Issuing Office (LIO)

We are the Local Issuing Office for Energy Identification Codes (EIC) for gas in Great Britain.

Local Issuing Office for gas

We are the Local Issuing Office (LIO) for Energy Identification Codes (EICs) for gas in Great Britain.

The EIC is only a code scheme. It is not a right or authorisation to trade energy.

Get an EIC

As the GB gas LIO for ID codes for gas in Great Britain, we are authorised to issue both international and local EICs.

To get an EIC for gas, or to modify or deactivate a current code, your company representative should complete the relevant form below.

When you are requesting codes, we advise you to request an international EIC.

EIC Request Forms

Requests for new codes:

Requests for code modifications:

Code deactivation requests:

Allocating Your EIC Code

Once you submit your completed form:

  • We will process and validate the request and consult with ENTSO-E for international codes.
  • We will allocate your EIC with confirmation sent to the email address you gave us.
  • Your new code will be published on this website and, if an international code, on the ENTSO-E website.

Energy Identification Codes

The Energy Identification Code scheme gives a unique ID to active participants and organisations in the Internal Energy Market (IEM).

The codes:

  • help European cross-border exchanges
  • identify each object and party operating in the IEM
  • are widely used in the Electronic Document Interchange (EDI)

An EIC is:

  • needed to trade on the PRISMA gas capacity trading platform
  • recommended as good practice

The different EICs and their functions are explained on the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E) website.

Important notes and disclaimers on EICs

Only EIC codes published by Xoserve (as the LIO for the country's gas market) and ENTSO-E (as the Central Issuing Office (CIO)) are valid EICs.

The EIC scheme:

  • is only a code scheme
  • is not a right to trade energy
  • does not authorise trade in energy

As the LIO for gas EICs we cannot be held responsible for the accuracy or completeness of any information given to us by anyone requesting codes. We cannot be held liable for any direct, indirect, general, special, incidental or consequential damages caused from the information given on this page or website as a result.

View EICs

This full list of EICs shows codes that are issued by us and older ones issued by National Grid:

  • Codes beginning 48 were issued by National Grid
  • Codes beginning 55 are issued by us

All other energy ID codes are included for reference only - they are not maintained by us or National Grid.

If your code for either gas or electricity was issued previously, you do not need to register again.

Local Issuing Offices

We are the LIO for EICs for gas in Great Britain. We are authorised to issue both international and local EIC codes.

National Grid is the LIO for electricity EICs, with information provided on its website.

The ENSTO-E website maintains a list of all European LIOs.

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