21 November 2022

The first in a series of podcasts discussing our journey towards net zero.

Xoserve's launches it's new podcast series - Decarb Discussions  

I'm thrilled to launch our new podcast series - Decarb Discussions. Over the next few months I will be meeting with a series of Industry experts and leaders, discussing key topics that the Energy Industry needs to consider as we continue our journey to Net Zero.

Victoria Mustard - Decarbonisation Strategy Lead.


Decarb Discussions podcast - Hydrogen Guarantee of Origin scheme

Victoria Mustard and Suki Ferris discuss the Hydrogen Guarantee of Origin scheme.

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In this podcast session I'm joined by Suki Ferris, Hydrogen Market Strategy Lead at National Grid, we will take a look at the new hydrogen Guarantee of Origin (GoO) scheme and why National Grid believes it will be so important to developing a successful low-carbon gas economy. There is also an in depth look at how I&C businesses will be affected and can benefit from the scheme.

  • Hear how the GoO scheme will work and why National Grid is forwarding the initiative.
  • Hear what the introduction of hydrogen GoOs means for customers, producers, and suppliers.
  • Understand how I&C businesses could benefit from GoOs on the journey to net zero.


Get in touch

If you would like to take part in any future podcast episodes, have any feedback or any ideas as to what you would like to see discussed please email the Decarb team and we will contact you to discuss.


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