Find out about SwitchStream, a tool we have developed to make new switching arrangements easier. Learn about the options available and register interest.

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    What is SwitchStream?

    SwitchStream is an adapter service we have developed to help energy industry participants align to Ofgem’s new Centralised Switching Service (CSS). It’s designed to make these changes simpler for our customers.

    Watch this video of the Xoserve SwitchStream adapter; there's a little of what to expect and a high level overview of your next steps.

    Who can use SwitchStream?

    The service is available to Shippers and Suppliers with the necessary Shipper and Supplier licenses to operate in the UK.


    What SwitchStream will do for you

    SwitchStream makes the switching process simpler, transferring the correct information in the required format, with minimal effort required. It manages: 

    • connecting to CSS on your behalf 
    • CSS mandated security
    • certificate management – digitally signing and storing certificates
    • message retries – so you don’t need to handle the retry logic from downstream connectivity issues and/or rate-limiting
    • handles one-fail-all-fail switching logic

    User interface features include: 

    • track switching requests
    • the ability to examine specific events
    • see specific reason for any switch failure


    What options are available?

    We have developed two different options for SwitchStream. Learn about each one below, so you can determine which suits your organisation’s needs.

    This option is designed around using existing file formats, technology and business processes. It will fulfil CSS switching obligations while helping you avoid costly system changes. 

    You’ll be able to continue using current legacy switching files for both gas and electricity meter points. It will also translate legacy switching files into new CSS messages and responses. 

    You’ll need to develop: 

    • processes to handle new files that support “one fail all fail” (OFAF) and erroneous transfer resolution   
    • the means to capture new CSS data items

    This option is ideal for those wanting to adopt new file message formats and business processes while using existing technology. 

    SwitchStream takes your files and translates them into new CSS messages. 

    API messages generated by CSS are received and converted by SwitchStream to your new file formats with all relevant data items. 

    You’ll need to: 

    • make changes to your systems and processes to submit messages that meet the new CSS data and structure requirements 
    • build new CSS files in your preferred format and issue CSS files for SwitchStream processing 
    • process CSS response files via the SwitchStream service 

    Shippers will still need to make consequential process changes to support new switching arrangements.

    SwitchStream test environment is now live

    We’ve launched a test environment for SwitchStream, which is available for you to try out.   

    You’ll be able to process and upload your switching files. This will help you check if you’re on track to meet your CSS obligations. 

    To get access to the test environment, get in touch with us by email.  

    Email: andy.baugh@correla.com or robert.westwood@correla.com


    Common queries

    Ofgem’s Switching Programme is set to make switching easier for consumers with a new Centralised Switching Service (CSS).

    We have developed our SwitchStream adapter to make these changes simpler for you.

    SwitchStream will reduce the risk from the Switching Programme, minimising the cost of industry change to your organisation.

    And SwitchStream comes at no additional cost to our Data Service Contract (DSC) customers.