Supply Point Administration (SPA)

Learn what SPA is – and understand how to complete related tasks and activities.

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    What is SPA?

    SPA is a collection of processes that ensures all the supply meter points (SMP) we hold on UK Link are up to date and reliable.

    We use these processes to make sure each supply point:

    • has the right users appointed and connected
    • is properly maintained

    All customers that use our SMPs will need to complete SPA tasks. This includes gas Shippers, Suppliers, Independent Gas Transporters (IGTs) and Distribution Network Operators (DNOs).


    Common SPA tasks

    Some of the main reasons you’ll need to complete a SPA task are:

    Supply point enquiry

    If you’re a Shipper who’s been asked to take responsibility for a gas site, you can ask us for details about that site. This can help you decide what to do next.

    Information we provide includes capacity values, meter class and smart meter information.

    How to make an enquiry?

    You’ll need to send us an S47 record (supply point enquiry request) and an S68 record (enquiry supply meter point) to enquire about a site. This is done via our Information Exchange (IX). 

    Learn more about Shipper supply point enquiries.

    Change of gas Shipper and/or Supplier

    When a gas customer requests a change of Shipper and/or Supplier, the details need to be updated on our systems. This is done through a Nomination and Confirmation process.

    Read more about the Nomination process.

    Read more about the Confirmation process.

    Change of Class

    If you’re a Shipper who wants to change the Class of a supply point, you’ll need to submit a supply point amendment file.

    Class refers to the type of SMP on the site. Class 1 and Class 2 are daily metered, while Class 3 and Class 4 are non-daily metered.

    The following guide shows all the different SMP types and what differentiates them.

    Supply Point Types Infographic guide.

    Changes in site data

    Customers need to tell us about any data-related changes on sites. This includes capacity, meter read frequency, Meter Asset Manager, Smart Metering Service Operator, customer contact data, address changes and SMP status changes.

    The following e-learning materials show the right process to follow for each data change. They also provide in-depth advice on all the above tasks.

    SPA e-learning Course

    SPA e-learning for Shippers


    Contact Management Service (CMS) SPA tasks

    Our CMS allows you to contact us securely – and get responses securely. You can use it to complete a variety of SPA tasks.

    Access our CMS through the Xoserve Services Portal.

    Then choose from the following tasks:

    Address amendments

    Tell us if you think the address on UK Link is incorrect.

    Learn more about address amendments.

    Dead to Live (DTL)

    Raise a DTL query if you think the status of an SPM has been incorrectly set to ‘dead’ on a live supply.

    Learn more about the DTL process.

    Duplicate Meter Points (DUP)

    Raise a DUP query if you think a single service pipe has more than one Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN) on UK Link.

    Learn more about DUP.

    Isolation (ISO)

    Raise an ISO query if you think the status of an SMP should be dead, but UK Link shows live.

    Learn more about ISO.

    Theft of Gas (TOG)

    Raise this query if you suspect theft of gas. This is open to Shippers, Networks and IGTs.

    Learn more about TOG.

    M Number Creation (MNC)

    This is for Shippers to request an MPRN for a live supply point when UK Link has no record.

    Learn more about MNC.

    Visit our M Number Creation webpage for more information on this service.


    SPA tasks for Independent Gas Transporters (IGTs)

    We also help IGTs complete the following SPA processes.

    Connected System Exit Point (CSEP) creation

    Creating a CSEP is a fully automated process within UK Link. It’s requested by the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) and IGT and needs to be created before an IGT Meter Point.

    IGT Meter Point Creation

    Creating IGT Meter Points is also fully automated in UK Link. It’s requested by the IGT.

    Discover more about both these IGT processes in our e-learning course SPA for IGTs.

    More about SPA

    View our SPA e-learning courses in the learning hub.

    Visit e-learning

    Need more help?

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