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    Services under the DSC

    Our Services are defined in the Data Services Contract (DSC) and are available to customers signing the DSC or UK Link User Agreement (UUA).

    A full list of services provided under the DSC is available in the CDSP Annual Charging Statement which is available on the Joint Office of Gas Transporters website.

    DSC Services include:

    The link below takes you to the Joint Office of Gas Transporters website where you will find the CDSP Annual Charging Statement and other DSC/CDSP documents.

    Joint Office website

    Local Security Officer (LSO) request and systems access

    Your LSO is the first point of contact for all system registration or security access issues.

    Register or change your LSO

    This LSO Registration Form should be used if you want to register, change or deregister an LSO.

    The LSO is responsible for submitting all Portal requests using the Portal Access Form.


    How we deliver DSC services

    Our user administration services cover three main areas:

    • User Admission – helping new customers enter the market smoothly
    • User Change and Amendment – making contractual changes for existing customers
    • Termination and Voluntary Discontinuance – managing the market exit process for all customers

    For more information on how to become a new customer please visit our Join/Exit the gas market webpage.

    We have a number of email templates to help you with admin processes.

    Emails will need to be sent from an authorised email address. To let us know about a change to an authorised email address, please complete the online form related to your relevant process:

    The user change and amendment process is for all customers.

    The process handles any contractual and business changes that are necessary to continue day-to-day operations in the gas market.

    • Changes and amendments include:
    • Company name and address changes
    • Creation of new Suppliers/Allocation Agents/Storage Agents on the UK Link System
    • Changes to Information Exchange (IX) equipment (such as additional equipment or relocation)
    • System access registration or change
    • User agent appointments and cancellations
    • VAT de-registration or changes

    Contact the Customer Life Cycle team if you need any help.

    If your business operations are suddenly or adversely affected, our Business Continuity Management (BCM) process will come into action.

    Events that could trigger BCM include: 

    • Premises being put out of action
    • Major supply chain disruption
    • Malicious data attack or interruption

    If a major incident occurs and requires BCM involvement, please contact our Customer Life Cycle team. They will be able to notify all parties that need to know and monitor the situation until it is resolved.

    There are two ways that shipper and trader users can exit the gas market:

    • Termination of the Shipper User
    • Voluntary Discontinuance

    Once the relevant process has been completed, the shipper or trader will stop being a user under the UNC.

    Termination of Shipper user follows confirmation from National Gas Transmission that a Supplier has authorised another user to supply the gas demand for its Terminated Supply Meter Points (TSMPs).

    Xoserve is required to provide certain information in relation to the TSMPs to the user at a frequency to be determined by the Shipper/Supplier. This could be on each working day until such time as a new registered user is in place.

    All terms relating to the Termination of Shipper User process are explained in the DSC Change Proposal.

    Voluntary Discontinuance is the controlled process from the UNC that must be completed to exit the gas market.

    To exit the market, users must issue a Discontinuance Notice to the relevant transporter.

    The user must also ensure that:

    • All amounts payable or due have been paid in full
    • That they are not the registered user of any supply point
    • That there are no outstanding imbalances or reconciliations

    For more information on how to exit the gas market please visit our Join/Exit the gas market webpage.

    For any further queries, contact our Customer Life Cycle Team.

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