Decarbonisation knowledge centre

As the UK works towards its net zero target, the energy sector is a primary focus when it comes to decarbonisation.

It's a truly exciting juncture for the gas sector

With more biomethane plants connecting to the gas grid than ever before and groundbreaking hydrogen gas trials underway, our combined opportunity to make a difference is vast.

While exciting, we also know that there’s an awful lot going on within the energy industry at present - decarbonisation or otherwise - and if we’re to work efficiently, effectively and at minimal cost to consumers, collaboration is vital.

We've established a dedicated decarbonisation team at Xoserve, tasked with doing just that. Acting as an impartial partner across the industry, we’re in a unique position to share knowledge and bring industry thinking together as we embark on new territory - together.

Decarbonising gas

Watch this short video to find out how Xoserve is supporting the UK gas industry in its net zero targets.


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Stay in touch

We hold monthly meetings that focus on the latest goings-on for gas decarb. If you don’t yet attend but would like to be involved, get in touch. The sessions are split into four groups:

  • Shipper and Supplier
  • Independent Gas Transporter (IGT)
  • Metering
  • Networks


Decarb Discussions: our decarbonisation podcast

We’re exploring the gas industry’s road to net zero with our dedicated podcast.

Regularly joined by industry experts, we examine decarbonisation topics across the industry – and review what it means for those involved.

Click on the link below to view our full list of episodes.

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DeliveringDecarb: our monthly newsletter

Click on the link below to read or download the latest edition of DeliveringDecarb; our monthly newsletter covering all things decarbonisation.

These is also an archive of past editions.

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Decarbonisation changes 

Keep up to date with all the Change Proposals relating to our decarbonisation activities below:

  • XRN 4900 – Biomethane Sites with Reduced Propane Injection – view
  • XRN 5298 – H100 Fife Project - Phase 1 (Initial Assessment) – view
  • XRN 5531 – Hydrogen Village Trial – view


Daily Biomethane Injections Report

The aggregated Daily Biomethane Injections Report was introduced by XRN 5183 to provide visibility of historical and current daily biomethane injection statistics.

This information informs future biomethane projects and helps increase the use of biomethane in the energy industry.

Ongoing projects

Whether they’re at consultation, planning or implementation phase, there are plenty of projects underway across the industry. Here are some of the important ones you might want to learn more about:

Planned projects

H100 Fife

Real Time Settlement Methodology (RTSM)

Guarantees of Origin (GoO)

H100 Fife is a groundbreaking neighbourhood trial to supply 300 homes with 100% hydrogen gas. A programme to produce an integrated and flexible settlement methodology for fair billing across the industry. National Gas Transmission's GoO scheme will enable firms to select their preferred type of hydrogen gas and hold certification to guarantee the source.
 View project  View project View project

Closed projects

Hydrogen villages

Supporting the use of hydrogen for domestic heating. More information

Future Billing Methodology

Documents, videos and information on the consultation for the Future Billing Methodology consultation, which closed on 01/03/22. More information

HyDeploy 2

HyDeploy is a pioneering hydrogen gas blending project, designed to test the impact of blending up to 20% hydrogen into natural gas. More information


Spotted a training gap? 

We can help. 

Our training team covers all manner of gas industry issues. Topics range from how to manage new trials and projects from a systems perspective, to industry foundation courses. 

View our training pages to access our e-learning modules or register to upcoming courses. 

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Got an idea? We're all ears

We're passionate about making gas decarbonisation as collaborative, inclusive and effective as possible. 

We know our monthly meetings and newsletters are making a big difference, but if you think we're missing a trick and have an idea about how we can improve, let us know. 

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