Invoice type, charges & VAT

Check your invoice type, charges and VAT eligibility.

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    Invoices for energy and gas transportation

    Download this document to confirm your invoice and charge type.

    Invoices for Data Services Contract (DSC) charges

    General Services and Specific Services charges 

    The CDSP Annual Charging Statement provides the charges which will apply for the services set out in the DSC for the current financial year. 

    The document includes: 

    • General Services Charges 
    • Infrastructure Charges 
    • Change Charges
    • DSC Specific Services charges (Appendix A)

    The link below takes you to the Joint Office of Gas Transporters website where you will find the CDSP Annual Charging Statement and other DSC/CDSP documents.

    Joint Office website

    Charging Schedule

    In mid-February, we will have issued you with a Charging Schedule which provides a more detailed breakdown of the charges we expect to be invoicing your organisation each month. 

    To request a copy of your Charging Schedule, please raise a support request

    Additional Services

    To validate charges for Additional Services, please refer to your individual contract for your agreed costs.


    VAT eligibility

    Most charges are VAT applicable, some are VAT exempt and others have VAT applied at 0%.  

    As a general rule, the prevailing VAT rate is charged for Transportation Charges (TPN) and at 0% for Energy Charges (ENG). 

    While the charges are VAT applicable, some Shippers are not registered in the UK and therefore will pay the relevant taxes in their country of registration.

    Common queries

    There are no changes to the billing and invoicing processes as a result of CSS.

    The site may have had default values applied if a BRN was not received within the timescales.

    The different types of defaulted settlement Classes are:

    • For the majority of sites, the default Class will be Class 4
    • Where the Class is currently DM (Daily Metered), if the AQ is above 58,600,000 kWh and a Datalogger is installed, or if the site is a mandatory Class 1 i.e. DNI, Network Designated Site and SLSP, then the Meter Point will default to Class 1
    • If the AQ is above 58,600,000 kWh and has no Datalogger installed it will default to Class 4