XRN 4780 - Inclusion of Meter Asset Provider Identity (MAP Id) in the UK Link system (CSS Consequential Change)


Within the Ofgem Switching Programme (OSP) that will introduce the Central Switching Service (CSS) it is expected that the source of the Meter Asset Provider identity (MAP Id) for gas Registrable Meter Points (RMP) will be the UK Link system. This data will be passed to CSS within a Synchronisation flow. Population and maintenance of the MAP Id will need to consider which industry party or parties will provide and retain responsibility for maintaining the MAP Id to the UK Link systems.


Proposer SSE Implementation date TBC Latest update 11 Jan 2019
Contact information uklink@xoserve.com Release Type. Minor

Impacted Parties

- Shipper


This Change is within Minor Release Drop 4 (MIR Drop 4) Scope for Delivery


Last updated on 05 Jul 2019

Change Proposal

XRN4780 - Change Proposal - Part A (Minor Release Drop 4)

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Last updated on 09 Jul 2019

Change Proposal

XRN4780 - Change Proposal - Part B

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