Dave Turpin - Director of Programmes and Service Delivery

Dave joined the gas industry in 1997, working in the metering department of Transco during the latter stages of domestic competition rollout.

During the following years, Dave managed various operational process teams that now form part of the Central Data Service Provider (CDSP) services across both Supply Point Administration and Transportation Invoicing, before moving into Project Management with a primary focus on delivering functional changes to the original UK Link systems. Transferring to Xoserve at its inception in 2005, Dave has had a hand in delivering nearly all aspects of the CDSP service at some point in his career.

He also played a pivotal role in the design and implementation of the Data Services Contract (DSC) introduced through the Funding, Governance and Ownership (FGO) Review of Xoserve in 2017, leading Xoserve’s work with the industry to create the DSC contract management and change management procedures. During the implementation of these FGO arrangements and the implementation of Project Nexus (to deliver the replacement UK Link system), Dave led the Stakeholder Engagement Team where he introduced and became a driving force behind embedding customer-centricity across the re-designed organisation.

Latterly working in the Strategy department of Xoserve, Dave is well known to Xoserve’s customers for his work in recent years on the annual business planning process. 


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