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XRN 4946
Reporting on Installed Meters with Conversion Capability

Last Updated
04 Nov 2019
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Proposer SSE Impacted DSC service area

Service Area 18

Provision of User Reports and Information

Customer Change Team Leader


A SPAA Change Proposal (SCP 459) has been raised to identify meters with conversion capability on the MDD Meter Product table. It was decided that these specific Meters would be identified to ensure parties can accurately apply conversion should it be required or not.

The implementation date was proposed as June 2019 however when voted by SPAA Change Board the implementation date was then referred to November 2019. This was to ensure parties have enough time to implement the new structure of the meter table.

Due to the later implementation date, it has been discussed that it would be beneficial for the industry to be aware of the meters with conversion capability as soon as possible. It is known that these meters are being built and some are already registered on the MDD list of meters. This CP is proposing to create a report which informs Shippers of these meters (where they are live and registered against Supply Meter Points) on an ad-hoc basis to ensure that, if they have meter points with these specific meters assigned to them, they can ensure that they correctly bill end consumers with relation to conversion. We are proposing that the report is scheduled to run on a monthly basis, but is only issued to effected parties.

Impacted Customer Types

  • Shipper


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XRN 4946 - Reporting on Installed Meters with Conversion Capability 30/May/2019 PDF


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