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XRN 5038
Convert Class 2, 3 or 4 meter points to Class 1 when G1.6.15 criteria are met (MOD 0691)

Last Updated
30 Apr 2021
Release Type
Implementation Date
01 Apr 2021
Proposer British Gas Impacted DSC service area

Service Area 1 (Previous Dec 18 – Mar 21)

Manage Supply Point Registration

Customer Change Team Leader


Based on the findings of the UIG Task Force, as at December 2018 just 12 sites were contributing 0.85% of national LDZ throughput to annualised UIG and up to 0.3% of national LDZ throughput to daily UIG volatility. 

This Modification proposes that where the requirement for a Class 2, 3 or 4 meter point to become Class 1 (number of calculations and number of months) has been met, and the Shipper has not taken steps to convert the site to Class 1 within a 28 Supply Point System Business Day grace period, that the CDSP would take steps to convert the meter point to Class 1.

The Modification also proposes a new Performance Assurance report of sites where the CDSP has taken action, over the previous 12 months

Impacted Customer Types

  • DMSP
  • IGT
  • Shipper
  • DNO


Document title Last updated Type
CCR for XRN5038 18/May/2021 PDF
XRN5038 - Change Proposal 02/Feb/2021 PDF
XRN5038 HLSO 14/Dec/2020 PDF


Initial Review
Start: 00/00/00
Status Awaiting
Expected: 13/11/19
Status Awaiting
Solution Consultation
Solution Review Change Pack issued 14/12/20
Status ChMC approved solution 13/01/2021
Awaiting Delivery
Expected: 00/00/00
Status Awaiting
In Delivery
Adhoc delivery - Detail Design Change Pack issued 18/01/21
Status ChMC approved design 10/02/2021
Implemented on 01/04/21
Status Implementation complete

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