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XRN 5054
Negative Implied Flow Rates

Last Updated
12 Aug 2020
Release Type
Implementation Date
05 Apr 2020
Proposer National Grid Impacted DSC service area

Service Area 20

UK Link Gemini System Services

Customer Change Team Leader


Shippers are unable to process renominations where there is a breach of the 1/24th rule, current arrangements dictate that the shipper must send a fax to request a reschedule to National Grid Gas National Control Centre who will manually validate and reschedule. This is time consuming, with many requests received daily from Customers to the National Grid Gas National Control Centre to action. This is prone to error and is only actioned on a current best endeavors basis. Customers are requesting this change from recent workshops that have been held for Gemini Enhancement Project to allow them more flexibility in managing the process.

Automated Solution for negative implied flow rates for Customers and National Grid. The renominations will be placed by the Customer (via online screen/API) where the negative implied flow validation will be processed into requests for reschedule process by the Gas National Control Centre.


Impacted Customer Types

  • NGT
  • Shipper


Document title Last updated Type
XRN5054 - CCR 13/Jul/2020 PDF
XRN5054 CP 04/Dec/2019 PDF


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