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XRN 5171
MOD0724 (Urgent): Amendment to Ratchet charges during COVID-19 period

Last Updated
27 May 2021
Release Type
Implementation Date
12 May 2020
Proposer Northern Gas Networks Impacted DSC service area

Service Area 5 (Previous Dec 18 – Mar 21)

Metered Volume and Metered Quantity

Customer Change Team Leader


Where a Shipper User identifies a site as having increased consumption as a direct result of it assisting in the COVID-19 response, Shipper Users will be able to apply for the following Transitional rules to be applied. Applications, with supporting information, are to be made via Xoserve. Transporters decisions on the validity will be final. 

The periods during which the a relevant Supply Point is deemed to be in a COVID-19 period for the purposes as outlined in COVID-19 specific Modifications are: Where any of the powers as laid out in the Coronavirus Act 2020 Schedule 22, (Powers to Issue Directions Relating to Events, Gatherings and Premises) are enacted for all or any of England, Scotland, Wales, then this will be deemed to be a COVID19 Period for UNC purposes for the relevant Supply Point, when the Supply Point is situated in the a part of the UK for the period during which any of the powers enacted relevant to that part of the UK are in force. 

Class 1 Sites

Where a site Ratchets for a COVID-19 specific situation and period, the charge calculation (TPD B 4.7.7) multiplier would be a multiplier of 1

Class 2 Sites  

Where a site Ratchets for a COVID-19 specific situation and period, the charge calculation multiplier (TPD B 4.7.8 J) would be a multiplier of 1

Site Specific CSEPs

Where a site Overrun charge for a COVID-19 specific situation and period occurs, the charge calculation multiplier (TPD B 4.8.3) would be a multiplier of 1

All sites

Where the COVID-19 period end date falls outside of the SOQ reduction window any sites that fall into the above categories will be able to reduce their SOQ to the last SOQ on or before 23rd March 2020 anytime in the period no later than 30 days after the COVID-19 period end date.

Impacted Customer Types

  • IGT
  • Shipper
  • DNO


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