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XRN 5244
Shared IGT Deeds of Undertaking and CDSP Administration

Last Updated
12 Oct 2020
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Proposer BUUK Impacted DSC service area


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Customer Change Team Leader


A shared IGT Deed of Undertaking has been agreed by all IGTS and the CDSP (Xoserve) will manage this Deed on behalf of IGT's for new Suppliers and new IGTs entering the market; the on-boarding Supplier will have to sign one Deed of Undertaking only and will have acceded to all IGT networks.  The risk of taking on an IGT site as a new Supplier without IGT knowledge will have been negated. The costs will be integrated into IGT run the business costs.


If a new IGT enters the market, the CDSP will write to all existing Suppliers to sign a single, updated Deed of Undertaking.  In this instance the costs of the updated Deed of Undertaking will fall to the new IGT costs circa £3-4k.

Impacted Customer Types

  • IGT


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XRN5244 CP 12/Oct/2020 PDF


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Start: 07/10/20
Status This was approved to proceed into Capture at Change Management Committee 07/08/2020
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