6 November 2020

Winter Annual Ratio (WAR) is calculated based on reads loaded during the winter months, December to March. It is important that our Shippers use the correct winter consumption calculation for accurate Non-Daily Metered (NDM) WAR Band profiling. This allows a Supply Point to be assigned to an End User Category (EUC), which reflects the Supply Point’s consumption during the winter period.

To help our Shippers, Read data as well as the Portfolio and Winter Annual Ratio (WAR) Bands data is available to view within the Data Discovery Platform (DDP). The Management Information dashboards provide Shippers with key metrics, to support them in meeting industry performance targets.

Refreshed daily, the DDP uses UK Link data, industry performance measures to create data visualisations and trend insights. Shippers can explore their data from high-level down to Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN) detail so that they can easily evaluate trends, improve performance and reduce the need to raise reporting requests; which saves time and money.

If you have any questions about the WAR Bands Report or the DDP, please contact your Customer Advocate.

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