Data Enquiry Service (DES)

Learn about this online service, which is used for carrying out gas market enquiries critical to the daily running of the industry.

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    What is the Data Enquiry Service (DES)?

    The DES is used to examine data relating to supply meter points. Authorised users can:

    • access details about supply meter points within their portfolio
    • view details of supply meter points associated with their properties

    Data held within the DES is updated every day. If the data refresh has been delayed, a message will be visible to DES users when they log in to the service.


    Who is the service for?

    The DES is a general service that’s only available to:

    • Shippers
    • Suppliers
    • Network Operators
    • Meter Asset Managers


    What the DES will do for you

    Our database holds information relating to each gas meter in the UK energy market. Authorised users of the DES can find technical data and specifications of supply meter points in their portfolio or associated with their properties.


    How much does the service cost?

    The DES is a chargeable service and payable annually.

    You can find details of the charges for DES in Appendix B of our Annual Charging Statement.

    Annual Charging Statement 2021/22
    Annual Charging Statement 2020/21
    Annual Charging Statement 2019/20

    How do I access the DES?

    The DES is available through the Xoserve Services Portal.

    You can only access the DES if you’re an authorised user. Access is managed by your organisation’s Local Security Officer (LSO), who is responsible for:

    • creating and deleting accounts
    • changing account permissions
    • resetting passwords (when a user is unable to reset their own password)

    If you’re unsure who your LSO is, please raise a support request.

    You can find out more about access in our user guide. This includes guidance on changing your password modifying profile details.

    Access Control User Guide for Users


    LSO guidance for managing access

    If you are an LSO, you can control the activation and termination of access rights. Find out more in our user guide.

    Access Control User Guide for LSOs


    How do I use the DES?

    Your LSO should be able to help you with training on how to use the DES.

    If your LSO is unable to train you, please contact your Customer Advocate, who will be able to help. Alternatively, you can email the team at:


    Guidance documents and terms of use

    Before using the DES for the first time, please familiarise yourself with our Terms of Use and guidelines.


    Common queries

    If you're having problems logging in, your Local Security Officer (LSO) can help you access or login to the Data Enquiry Service (DES). 

    If you don't know who your LSO is, you can email our Service Desk or call us on 0845 600 0506 for more information.

    The address in DES may not be appearing because there is no Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN) associated with it or the site.

    The Market Sector Code will show a 'D' if the supply meter point is Domestic or 'I' if it is Industrial/Commercial (sometimes referred to as a 'non-domestic').

    If you are updating your meter supply point, you will need to submit a Review of Gas Metering Arrangement (RGMA) file through the Information Exchange (IX) gateway.

    You’ll find the file formats within the UK Link Documentation.*

    *Access to secure links are only available to gas shippers and transporters. To gain access find out about accessing secure documents.

    For security and performance reasons, there is a 30-minute limit on inactivity in DES. You will then need to log in again.

    Your Local Security Officer (LSO) can help you deactivate the Data Enquiry Service (DES).

    Alternatively, you can raise a technical support request.

    DES aims to update from UK Link every 24 hours (D-1).

    Any delays or scheduled outages will be displayed in the welcome screen. Details of delays may also be sent to your Contract Manager.

    Supply meter points are updated on UK Link within 24 hours of receipt (business days only).

    They will be visible in the Data Enquiry Service (DES) the day following the update to UK Link.

    Shippers can place a Physical or Locational OCM trade in the system via the 'Physical/Locational Trade' screen.

    OTC trades can be placed via the Nomination/Renomination screen against relevant activity numbers.

    Training documents are available in Gemini e-learning.

    *Access to secure links are only available to gas shippers and transporters. To gain access find out about accessing secure documents.

    If you notice a data error using DES, pleases call our Service Desk immediately on 0845 600 0506. Please advise all error details such as screen type, data item and error message.

    Log in to DES

    You can log in to DES through our Services Portal.

    Log in

    Contact us

    Got a question about DES? Please email us below.


    Access queries

    Got a question about access to DES? Please email us below.



    DES maintenance windows:

    Monday to Sunday 5:00am–7:00am

    System outages are updated on our maintenance and outages page.

    View systems outages
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