What We Do

Xoserve is the Central Data Service Provider (CDSP) for Great Britain's gas market.

We deliver a full range of vital services to gas suppliers, shippers and transporters.

We are responsible for providing information to gas transportation companies from our central register. We also provide information about gas flows across the entire network.

Our central register holds information on all premises with a gas supply. Our gas flow information helps us recognise which companies are responsible for gas entering and leaving the network, which lets it remain 'in balance' between supply and demand.

The central register and its related information flows demand sophisticated computer networks, with highly skilled people to support reliable and efficient delivery of these critical services.

To support us in providing this, on 1st June 2017 our IT systems were given a multi-million pound investment. Now the UK Link System is the most comprehensive and up-to-date data services platform in the entire GB energy business.

Combined with recent changes to our governance, we are now able to play an ever-increasing role in the energy sector, giving our customers the very best in value and reliability.

As CDSP, Xoserve holds:

  • A central register of 24 million gas premises
  • The address, meter details, supplier identity, meter asset data and meter reading history of each of these premises

Each year we process:

  • Around three million customer switches
  • More than one million changes of gas meter details. This is expected to grow significantly with the roll-out of smart metering
  • Around £4 billion in invoices for gas transportation

About Xoserve

Find out more about our role at the heart of Great Britain's gas market.

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