XRN 4621 - Suspension of the Validation between Meter Index and Uncoverted Converter Index


During Nexus Implementation the validation between the meter index and the unconverted converter index was suspended.  This change proposal is raised to ensure the industry supports the principal to assess the relevant indexes to be provided and the necessary validations. This change proposal will enable Xoserve to assess the relevant solution options, impacts to file formats and necessary governance changes

Proposer Orsted Implementation date 08 Nov 2019 Latest update 15 Jan 2019
Contact information uklink@xoserve.com Release Type. Major

Impacted Parties

- Shipper


Parent XRN4828 - November 2019 Release


Last updated on 09 Jul 2019

XRN4621 CP

XRN4621 CP

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Last updated on 05 Jul 2019

XRN4621 Change Pack

XRN4621 Change Pack - 2293.7 - RJ - ES

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