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XRN 4828
Nov-19 Release Delivery

Last Updated
08 Nov 2019
Release Type
Implementation Date
08 Nov 2019
Proposer Xoserve Impacted DSC service area


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Customer Change Team Leader


This CR is the Parent Change Request for November 2019 Major Release, scope to include the following changes, all approved at ChMC 12/12/18

XRN 4725
New Read Reason Type for LIS Estimate Readings


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Following implementation of the LIS Estimate Read change, OPNT was used as the Read Reason within the MBR file as it was a recognised value and time constraints hindered any new Read Reason being added. It was planned to add in a specific read reason...
XRN 4621
Suspension of the Validation between Meter Index and Uncoverted Converter Index


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During Nexus Implementation the validation between the meter index and the unconverted converter index was suspended.  This change proposal is raised to ensure the industry supports the principal to assess the relevant indexes to be provided and the ...
XRN 4679
Requiring a Meter Reading following a change of Local Distribution Zone or Exit Zone


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This change will enable the Central Data Service Provider (CDSP) to estimate a Meter Reading where the Local Distribution Zone or Exit Zone of a Supply Meter Point is amended, this will ensure a consistent charging approach to reconciliation principl...
XRN 4753
CMS - Increase Information Provided in QCL Response File


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This change proposes to resolve issues customers have identified with availability of data being provided in response to contacts that are raised via the Contact Management Service (CMS). At DSC Change Management Committee two Shipper responses were ...

Impacted Customer Types

  • IGT
  • Shipper
  • DNO


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XRN4828 Nov 19 CCR 04/Nov/2020 PDF
BER XRN4828 - Novemeber 2019 BER 23/Apr/2019 PDF
XRN4828 06/Feb/2019 PDF


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