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XRN 5181
Acceptance of Consumption Adjustment where meter removed after meter point set to Dead

This XRN is part of XRN 5225 Minor Release Drop 8
Last Updated
19 Jan 2021
Release Type
Implementation Date
21 Nov 2020
Proposer CDSP Impacted DSC service area

Service Area 4 (Previous Dec 18 – Mar 21)

Interruption Auction Services in accordance with UNC

Customer Change Team Leader


This change has been raised to allow consumption adjustments to be accepted within SAP for Dead meter points where the meter has been removed after the meter point was set to Dead.

A meter point can be set to Dead while the meter is still present on UKLink. Subsequently, an RGMA transaction can be received to remove the meter present on the site. Reads or consumption adjustments are not accepted for Dead meter points under current rules. 

There has been a number of cases observed where shippers have requested consumption adjustments via CMS for such Dead meter points where the meter was removed after the meter point has been set to Dead. These adjustments have subsequently been rejected, with rejection “ADJ00118 - The Status of the Requested Meter Point Reference Number is not live”, as the current system rule/validation in place does not allow adjustments to be accepted for Dead meter points.

Impacted Customer Types

  • Shipper
  • DNO


Document title Last updated Type
XRN5181 - CP 16/Nov/2020 PDF


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Expected: 11/11/20
Status Detailed design Change Pack October 2020. For approval at ChMC 11th November 2020.
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