XRN4780-C – MAM/MAP File transfer mechanism


XRN4780-C – Inclusion of Meter Asset Provider Identity (MAP ID) in UK Link – is due to be implemented on 5-6 November as part of the November 2021 Major Release.

This change will enable Xoserve, the Central Data Service Provider (CDSP), to receive MAP ID information for Supply Meter Points from Meter Asset Managers (MAMs).

For more details about the change, you can download the Detail Design Change Pack which was approved in April/May 2021.

More detailed information about the file transfer mechanism including connectivity, file formats and security, is available in the resources section at the bottom of this page.

If you have any questions, or for more information, please email UKLinkDelivery@xoserve.com.

Design of the file transfer mechanism

We’ve designed the new file transfer mechanism specifically to negate the need for Information Exchange (IX) equipment. Files will be transferred via Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) instead of using IX.

Meter Asset Managers (MAMs) systems will place the files in, and receive files from, the MOVEit server; Meter Asset Providers (MAPs) will only receive files from the MOVEit server.

For more detailed information on the on the design of the new file transfer mechanism, you can download the full design document below.

Download design document

Connectivity and security

Files will be transferred via Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) instead of using Information Exchange (IX) or Disruption Tolerant Networking (DTN) gateways.

Xoserve will create the SFTP service and provide an information pack to Meter Asset Managers (MAMs) and Meter Asset Providers (MAPs) for setup.

SFTP server details available by 15 October 2021

The information pack will include the SFTP server name plus all connection details and will be emailed to users by 15 October 2021.

As the SFTP service is setup, a folder will be created where you can upload the files and send them to the server. The SFTP network uses SSH port 22 (default port for SFTP).

SSH with private key authentication

The SFTP service will use Secure Shell (SSH) with private key authentication details provided as part of the setup process.

Secure Copy Protocol (SCP) 1 and SCP 2 versions are supported by the Secure Shell (SSH) network.

Connecting to MOVEit

You will need to connect to MOVEit over the internet and push the files to the MOVEit server at Xoserve.

Files from the MOVEit server will be in folders specific to each MAM (in accordance with data governance rules).

File formats

MAM Inbound file flow

The MAP ID information will be sent by the MAMs to Xoserve via the following files:

  • ONJ
  • ONU
  • CMT

MAM Outbound file flow

Xoserve will issue the following response files back to MAMs:

  • RNJ – response to MAM RGMA file (ONJ)
  • RNU – response to MAM RGMA file (ONU)
  • CMO – response to MAM alternative file (CMT)

Sample RNJ file

Sample RNU file

Sample CMO file

Additional notification flows

Additional notifications will be sent to Shippers and MAPs for their records and to ensure system alignment.

Shipper notification

  • SIM – this notification will be sent to Shippers by Xoserve informing them of the MAP ID appointments and de-appointments.

Sample SIM file

MAP Notification

  • MON – this notification will be sent to Meter Asset Providers (MAPs) by Xoserve informing them of MAP ID appointments/de-appointments, asset details and organisation details relating to Suppliers and MAMs.

Sample MON file

If changes occur daily, the MON file will be sent every day – all changes throughout the day will be batched and sent to the MAP in the evening.


There will be connectivity testing between Meter Asset Managers (MAMs) and Xoserve, which will include file transfers.

There will also be data validation testing with sample files - MAMs will have the opportunity to submit files and will then receive response files during the testing.

Details of the testing will be available soon.

Information request form – MAMs/MAPs please complete

This is a request for information from Meter Asset Managers (MAMs) and Meter Asset Providers (MAPs).

We need the information to enable us to configure connections between MAMs/MAPs and Xoserve’s systems.

The form below will ask for your organisation, IP and firewall address details along with your primary contact information.

Once you’ve downloaded and completed the form, please email it to us on the link below.

Information request form

Email form


These documents and video contain more detailed information about the file transfer mechanism including connectivity, file formats and security.

XRN4780C MAM Engagement Oct 21

An update on our progress up until October 21 2021.

Last updated on 11 Oct 2021

XRN4780-C – MAM/MAP Engagement

This presentation contains information and attachments, that you’ll find useful as we prepare for ‘go live’ of XRN4780-C.

Last updated on 30 Sep 2021

XRN4780-C FAQs

These are answers to questions that we have received in relation to the Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) solution for this change.

Last updated on 15 Oct 2021

XRN4780-C MAM/MAP Engagement 7 Oct 2021 (video)

This is a recording of our MAMs/MAPs online engagement meeting on 7 October 2021.

Last updated on 11th OCT 2021


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