Guarantees of Origin (GoO)

Find out what the Guarantees of Origin (GoO) scheme is and see the helpful material we’re sharing about the project.

Guarantees of Origin (GoO) - overview

As the hydrogen gas market develops, greater attention is expected to be focused on the sustainability credentials of that hydrogen.

With a variety of methods of production, it’s important to know your grey hydrogen from your green.

National Gas Transmission is starting to develop a Hydrogen Guarantees of Origin (GoO) scheme, similar to the renewable guarantees of origin schemes available in the electricity market.

This will enable firms to select their preferred type of hydrogen gas and hold certification to guarantee the source. GoO certification enables companies to confidently report their carbon footprint for hydrogen gas.


Helpful material

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Suki Ferris, Hydrogen Market Strategy Lead at National Gas Transmission explains the importance of hydrogen Guarantees of Origin. 

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